The AI (Program) / Automaton Concept

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The AI (Program) / Automaton Concept

Post by Stomphoof » Tue Apr 15, 2008 6:11 am

So, I sat down last night and really thought about how I am gonna make this work without making it TOO overly complicated. If you are unaware of what I am speaking of, please reference THIS THREAD here for more information. Suffice to say, I think I have it. And I have found ways to make it work without making it (at least to me) too complicated.

The AI / Automaton Combination Race

The basic concept here, without getting into too much detail is an actual AI that has come into being in the Scope, whether being programmed or simply appearing without a known cause. This AI functions, on the Scope, like any normal PC, with a few exceptions. However, whats makes this AI unique is its ability to control a Clockwork body from within the Scope, which allows it to interact within the physical world.


As normal, with the following exceptions: 1) There is no Con score, so points cannot be assigned here. This also means that the body does not get bonus hit points. This also means that the other 5 scores will be a tad higher then a normal character


As normal as dicated by the class('s). I decided to do this based on this concept. The HP of the body is actually a combination of both the body's toughness and the AI's link to the body. Once enough damage has been sustained the AI is unable to maintain the link. However, as the AI learns more (gains levels) it is able to hold the link for longer periods of time, allowing the body to function longer and longer while taking more damage. This also removes the need for figuring out Hardness (subject to testing!)

Also, if the HP's are ever reduced to 0 then the body ceases to function, barring repairs. At that point the AI is shunted back to the Scope, and must find a way to contact the party to help with the repairs or help with the construction of a new body (see NEW BODY)

Skill Points:

As normal, dictated by classes. The AI gains classes as normal, as these show its ability to "learn". It can then apply the knowledge of these classes any way it sees fit. Living on the Scope and in the Real World at the same time can have its advantages!

Special Rules:

1) Energy Reroute - The driving force behind the Clockwork Body is Ether. However, the AI is able to reroute the Ether into different functions. This allows the AI to modify the STR and DEX score of the body. This is done using the standard point buy rules. Reset both scores to 8, and refund the points used. Then, raise them to their chosen levels using those points. Unused points are wasted, and it takes 24 hours of time to reroute the energy. During this time, the AI cannot take any other action, either in the Real World or in the Scope as its concentration is focused. Int, Wis, and Cha cannot be changed as they are a function of the program not the body.

2) Immunity - The body is not a living thing, and thus is immune to standard poisons and diseases, as well as ability point damage.

3) Critical Hit Resistant - The body is not living, however does have parts to it that are vital to its function. It is immune to critical hits, barring a Engineering (Mechanical) check of DC 15 + Hit Dice of the AI (IE if the AI was a level 5 Enginaught it would be a DC 20 check). If the check succeeds then the attacker is able to identify a weak point and can then exploit it.

4) Healing - The body does not heal naturally, and healing spells and effects do not work on it. The body must be repaired, following the standard repair rules.

5) Cybernetic Enhancments - As the body has no CON Score, use the INT score instead for determining anything regarding Cybernetics. This shows the AI natural ability to adapt to upgrades to its body.

6) Scope Point - the Body comes built in with a Scope Point, which allows access to the scope. The AI has control over this point and can allow or disallow access, as it uses this point to interact with the body. Any attempt to access the point forcibly can be stopped by opposed rolls (I am not sure what to roll here, maybe Scope Use or Engineering?)

7) Armor - the body is built to be tough, and gets a +2 Natural AC Bonus. This stacks with magical bonuses. However, while the AI may have the knowledge on how to wear armor (through feats and the like), actual armor would most likely need to be custom fitted for the body.

NEW BODY: The creation of a new body should not be taken lightly. This should be a big event, as the creation of this requires specific parts and metals (DM's discretion)

AI Exceptions: The AI functions as a standard PC on the Scope, following the standard rules for Scope HP and such. However, if the AI is reduced to 0 HP it is instantly and irrevocably destroyed, its programming shattered. There is no way to recover this data.

Also, the AI has a "Home Plane" or area on the Scope, where most of its functions reside. If its Scope Point is used, the players appear here. The AI can also use regular Scope Points with its body. However, Scope Tabs do not function at all for the AI, and it would need to find a different way to get to a location that a Scope Tab leads.

So there ya go. This is what I am going to run with and test it out, but I wanted to see what you all thought of it, and if you had anything to add?
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