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PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:47 am 
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Ok, so in my gaming group most of us DM so there are lots of games going on at any time as the DM's get ideas for an adventures for thier game.

One of the DM's isn't terribly creative, but will shell out money for modules and work them into his game world. And this is where the title of this thread comes to light.

The DM has set his world as Azeroth, the world that houses World of Warcraft. So he has a lot to draw on and excuses for making us fight all different levels of fish people... stupid murlocs. The game is also known as "Dwarf Game 2.0" the first dwarf game ended oddly in 3.x, but the idea is we're all dwarves. Collectively our small group is known as "The Stormwind Kneebreakers" because we are a steathy and subtle and so tactful... yeah that's a lie, we're as blunt as our hammers and twice as stubborn.

The group is thus:
Dwarf Fighter(also an engineer)
Dwarf Cleric(MC warlord for the extra healing power) ME!
Dwarf Wizard(Trained in theivery cause we needed it)
Dwarf warlock(star pact, a very scary lady, don't call her fat or you'll be in the Hunger of Hadar with your pants around your ankles)

Currently we specialize in murdering the Battlefield with horrible effects and abusing the fact that we're dwarves and hard to move into the horrible affects we spread around. 3 overlapping area affects plus 3 characters with multiple square push/slide powers...war crimes.

So we started one of the New DCC's the one with the scarecrow and creepy windmill on the cover, Like I said the DM is using the World of warcraft setting so we found the PERFECT place to have the whole thing actually set, Stormwind! change out a few names here and there, stormwind for Punjar, Defias for whatever those brigands were called "Red" something If I recall(I'll check later).

It fit perfectly! a massive walled and sectioned city, outlying caves filled with "red" bandits, nearby farming areas with crazy scarecrows and broken windmills(westfall anyone?)

We expect to advance in levels, and take on more DCC's as other things in the game.

And of course the biggest irony of the whole thing is all the people that complained that 4E was too much like a video game, and mostly too much like World of Warcraft! We like it though, since most of us play it too, the guy who playes the dwarven fighter doesn't play WoW so he doesn't get a lot of the refferences.

Anyone else do stuff like this?

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