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 Post subject: Level 3 of DCC#2
PostPosted: Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:27 pm 

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I have some errata issues for level 3 (I had some with levels 1-2 but that was probably 'cause I was using the 1st printing, initially...)

Area 3-2, Lerzza is listed as having a heavy crossbow at the top, then light crossbow at the bottom. Tactics recommend using "shield of faith" for defensive needs, but she doesn't know sheild of faith.

Area 3-6 - Ok, I'm completely confused by this room, and will have to make up the rules 'cause my party may make it here before I get official word on what was meant. What "line" is meant when it says that, "When a character crosses any of these lines..." Does this mean the teleportation only happens in the 8 squares where the numbers are located? Or were the "lines" omitted from the map?

Area 3-8 - Just to confirm, players who succeed at their Will check basically can do nothing against Tsathzar Rho unless they voluntarily fail their check or he voluntarily leaves the hallucinatory world. I may play it that the players can affect the battle a bit by messing with the blood pentagram...

Thanks in advance for any corrections/suggestions, particularly how to deal with 3-6. Overall, we're having a lot of fun, playing at lunch time at work (1.5 hours/session) and this is well suited to short gaming stints (where roleplaying would be difficult as it often takes a bit to reorient and get in the mood to RP.)

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 Post subject: Re: Level 3 of DCC#2
PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:35 am 
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Firstly, welcome to the board!

As to your questions:

1) I'd play Lerzza as you see fit. A light crossbow would be more in keeping with the monster, and I used Shield of Faith even though she doesn't know it.

2) I made the "lines" between the pillers, both north-south and east-west. This room is both dangerous and confusing. My players got frustrated with it, which made it even worse since they got a bit wreckless.

3) You are correct, those not seeing Tsathzar Rho can not affect him-by the rules-but feel free to alter this as needed. It's your game!

As a bit of shameless promotion, here is a link to my recounting of me and mine's venture through this great adventure:


Good luck with your adventure!

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