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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:42 pm 
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Had a great time at DunDraCon this weekend. Had really wanted to try the Dungeoneer RPG demos but they happened to conflict with two games run by GM's who I know from past con games. (er, not 'con games', but - aaaah, you know what I mean). Hopefully, the chance to try this first hand will present itself again in the future.

I did manage to score Castle Whiterock for $25 in the dealers room. The only defect leading to that price was that the front of the box was dished in about half an inch, and the lamination was thereby a bit lumpy. Finding the time to run this monster will be a real challenge, but at the very least I can dip into it for short scenarios for a long time to come, if not run a campaign of it.

Like an idiot, I didn't also grab the second copy that was there! (I'm sure someone here still needs a copy. Feel free to curse me to your dying breath.) I realized my mistake about 15 minutes after leaving the dealers room, went back in, and some other lucky gamer had already snapped it up. :(

Also picked up DCC16 and DCC25 for a total purchase price (with CW) of $36. I wept, I laughed, I required resuscitative magic....

Strangely, I didn't play any D&D (nor any sword & sorcery genre) the whole weekend... :?:

Gnome Boy (a.k.a. "Jon") • DCC play-tester @ DDC 35, Feb 2011. • Beta DL 2111, 7:00 AM PT, 8 June 11.
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Here Be DCC Monsters...

General Yoros, Warrior, Str 13, Agl 8 (10), Stm 17, Per 13, Int 11, Lck 8; Law, HP 39, AC 17, R+2, F+4, W+2, band/shld, warhammer, longsword, longbow, pitchfork

Han Dee, (Weaver) Neutral Thief, Str 10, Agi 13, Stm 11, Per 11, Int 15, Lck 14, AC 13 (Leather), HP 25, Luck Die d6, Backstab 3, Sneak Silently 10, Hide In Shadows 9, Pick Pocket 10, Climb Sheer 10, Pick Lock 9, Find Trap 9, Disable Trap 9, Forge Doc 10, Disguise 3, Read Lang 5, Handle Poison 3, Cast Scroll d14+2, birth augur (Born under the loom) +1 to all skill checks (including thief skills), Banepicks (auto pick lock/disable trap, but lose 1d3 random ability loss, if a 3 then 1 pt is perm)

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:57 pm 
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$25 ?!?!?! deal of the century, my friend! way to score!

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