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DCC #24: Legend of the Ripper -- “C&C Style”

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 3:24 pm
by JediOre
Here is the previous quest the party overcame: ... php?t=2902

The group of PCs:

Nightwing is playing Greyson. He is a 4th level human ranger.
JediWife is playing Alura. She is a 4th level fighter (archer).
Ragnar1965 is playing Madriel. She is a 3rd level witch (cleric/magic-user) class we pulled from one of the Crusader Magazines.

This thread will have SPOILERS! Please don’t read further if you have any hope of playing through this DCC.

I use the Castles & Crusades rules these days.

“The Setup”

The party rides south early in the morning after thanking Thistle. They pass through Dundraville. The villagers want them to stay for a while but they only stopped for food at the inn. They notice the owl they befriended following them.

They arrive at Portown very late in the day. The owl lands in a tree outside the city walls and watches the party enter the city gates. On their way to locate the gnome they get wind of a series of brutal murders occurring somewhere near the harbor. A hefty reward has been posted as well. The players all perk up at that.

They find Jonas the gnome at his shop/home. He is very thankful the party has come. It seems the Black Pearl has a curse upon it. [Harley, I changed it from your curse as you’ll see.] The players ask if anyone has tried to steal the pearl, namely men wearing black and red leather or anything with this color scheme. No, Jonas has no idea about robbers but this only adds to his anxiety. He asks them if they’ll be his bodyguards and gives them a retainer of 50gp each after they agree to it.

He explains what has happened after they left him several weeks ago. He had the Black Pearl carefully examined by both a mage and a cleric he knows through professional circles. They relay to him it is powerfully magical and a curse lies upon it. I meant to write out a poem that the cleric gave Jonas describing the curse but I ran out of time before we started gaming so I had to give the players a prose, off the top of my head, version. Essentially this curse claims that, “The owner of the Black Pearl will forever have the foamy waves lap at his feet and that the Deep will reclaim its own.”

Jonas at first dismissed the curse, but, had a lead box crafted to contain the pearl, “just to be safe.” This box with the Black Pearl within it was kept in his dwarvish made safe in his shop. That was that. He decided to leave Portown for a quick holiday and head to Dundraville were he likes to rent a boat and fish on the quiet Lake Dundra. As he tried to leave town his horse died suddenly of what the stable hands claimed was a burst heart. One vacation scrubbed. He then decided to join a caravan leaving to travel inland and inspect a gem mine he has part owner ship in. Not two hours after he signed on, the caravan master cancelled the whole thing since his entire crew of porters, etc., mysteriously quit without any explanation. Jonas began to wonder if the curse was very real. He couldn’t get away from the ocean (the foamy waves continued to “lap at his feet” so to speak). In desperation, the gnome locked up his home and shop, put on his best pair of walking boots and marched inland out of town. Before he could say “fair well” to the gate keeper, he stepped into a rut and twisted his leg so bad he still has a limp a week later.

Jonas has spent quite a bit of money to find a means of curing this curse. No mere “remove curse” spell will do the trick it seems. What he has learned almost broke him, and he continues to be in anguish over it. First, it seems that something from “the Deep” has awakened here in Portown. What this something is the spellcaster could not be sure. It is ancient and evil. Currently it is weak from forced slumber, but it most surely is growing in power and will seek the death of the owner of the Black Pearl! Secondly, the only way to rid him of the curse, besides selling the pearl to another which is unthinkable due to the curse and the fact it’s the biggest pearl Jonas has ever seen, is to baptize the Black Pearl in Chalice of Aldren filled with vinegar. Horror of horrors! Even worse, this chalice resides in the Temple of the Eternal Sun in distant Majoor. Majoor is a large port city far across the ocean. Sea travel is not something Jonas is excited about since he’ll be at the mercy of the Deep. That is why he has hired the PCs.

Jonas is working to procure passage on a ship heading to Majoor and hopes to have passage booked within a couple of days. He begs the party to be available when he sails. He promises to pay for all shipboard expenses and will work out a payment that they will find favorable.

With this in mind the players head towards the docks in search of the mysterious Ripper.

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:18 pm
by jfall
I'm a newbie here...

I'd just like to say though that you seem to do a wonderful job of weaving disparate elements together in a seamless manner JediOre. I'm also a bit of a newbie w/ the C&C system but from what I've seen so far (via some 1:1 test sessions...) I really love what the game has to offer.

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 8:49 am
by JediOre

Thank you for the kind words.

Welcome to the Goodman Games forums!

Castles & Crusades is, in my opinion, what AD&D second edition should have been.

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:50 pm
by jfall
JediOre wrote: Castles & Crusades is, in my opinion, what AD&D second edition should have been.
"nods"... I agree completely. A wicked cool game system. Now if I can only convince the rest of my group. ;)

Hey JediOre, out of curiosity, (and this might be something that you've covered earlier in your posts.) what setting are you playing your campaign in?

I've only read a handful of your posts but from what I've seen it looks like your group mows through a module every (or every other) session. Is this about right? How long are you guys playing at a sitting?

So you're converting the 3.5 DCC modules to C&C? Any rough spots? Do you just convert on the fly or does it take a bit more time than that? Any gotchas that I should be aware of? (I've read the post on the Goodman boards about conversion from D&D to C&C.)

My apologies for all the questions, but I'm thinking that the next game that I run is going to be done much the same way that you're running yours. I've tentatively chosen the Wilderlands of High Fantasy as the setting.

Problem is, I've got two new guys starting up who are old 2e converts, and they've played nearly every single AD&D module out there (1e and 2e) so utilizing my library of older material isn't much of an option. So I'm looking at running some DCC mods under the Castles and Crusades rules... Any advice would be absolutely welcome.

Thanks much.

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:44 pm
by JediOre
jfall wrote: Hey JediOre, out of curiosity, (and this might be something that you've covered earlier in your posts.) what setting are you playing your campaign in?
My setting is a bit unusual. My players pick the modules as we play and the campaign develops from there. For instance, in the game, the "campaign world" currently consists of DCC#0's Dundraville, DCC#14's part one, and the background of DCC #2. I have a standard large seaport, Portown, in honor of the sample dungeon from the old D&D boxed set manual. I set "Tower of the Black Pearl" from DCC #29 in this city. As you can see this is also where I set Legend of the Ripper. I've added the material from Necromancer's Coils of Set into the mix since this module is one the players have asked to play next.

So my campaign setting evolves as the game progresses. I enjoy this style better than a premade world. The players develop the world as the characters advance in levels.
jfall wrote: I've only read a handful of your posts but from what I've seen it looks like your group mows through a module every (or every other) session. Is this about right? How long are you guys playing at a sitting?
We try to get together once a month & have an all day session. Often we start at 10 am on Saturday and game until after 5pm. Last time we stopped at 9pm. DCC #2 took three sessions, but normally we can knock out a module in one or two sessions.
jfall wrote: So you're converting the 3.5 DCC modules to C&C? Any rough spots? Do you just convert on the fly or does it take a bit more time than that? Any gotchas that I should be aware of? (I've read the post on the Goodman boards about conversion from D&D to C&C.)
I convert on the fly, by and large. However, I have access to all the old AD&D monster manuals as well as the 3.5 monster manual too. The biggest conversion is spellcasters. I use Post-It notes to write down the new spells (I've got a huge list of older edition spells in a Word document we use in addition to the C&C spell lists) if need be. If an opponent from a third edition module would be very different in C&C rules, I play the villian as written regardless if it is "against the rules" of C&C. An example is Suto from DCC #0. He is a summoner and his spells need to remain third edition summoning spells. So that's what I did. I try to play the villians the way the author intended, even if it "can't be done" in C&C.

I hope this helps. Remember the DC in C&C when using a 3.X module is the challage rating less 15.

About the Cam Inn

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 2:39 pm
by JediOre
First, we completed this module in one day back in October. Please forgive me if I have to skim over stuff because I may not remember.

The party arrived at the docks and proceeded to hunt up information about the Ripper and the ghostly apparition whose presence have but fear into the hearts of everyone in Portown.

Nightwing had his ranger brandish his prized Whisker and that caused many mouths to speak. Sailors got out of the ranger’s way and drunks seemed to sober up suddenly. All evidence pointed to a location away from the docks known as Miller’s Court. The party was directed to visit Cam Inn.

Soon the PCs arrive at the run down slum Miller’s Court. They go into the inn and immediately head to the barkeep. Nightwing’s ranger asks for information to which the barkeep says he “ain’t saying nothing to a mountain man like him.” The ranger flashes Whisker, but to Nightwing’s frustration, it doesn’t seem to impress the barkeep. So Nightwing begins making several veiled threats to speak up. I remember smiling and describe how the barkeep walks over to a piece of slate on the wall with lots of chalk marks on it. The barkeep picks up a piece of chalk and makes a mark on the slate. He returns to the PCs and says he’s been threatened once or twice before. Several of the closer patrons begin to snicker.

Someone suggested they try a different tack, and I think they decided to try a bribe this time. It worked and the barkeep gave them some local information warning them that strange things go on these days. Even the cut throats are a bit unnerved. Also, stay clear of the Bogie Boys – the local “mob.”

Leaving the inn the encounter a “lady of the evening” in all her half-orc beauty. I really don’t do to well “roll-playing” a harlot, but I gave it my best shot. She made a pass at the ranger and shot daggers from her eyes at the two lady PCs. For a small amount of coin she swaggered over to a dead end courtyard showing the PCs the latest victim in this horrible killing spree.

I’ll try and post more soon…

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:42 am
by jfall
Nice JediOre...

Sounds like it was fun. I'm eagerly looking forward to the next "installment". ;-)

Posted: Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:55 pm
by JediOre
Thanks. Sorry for the long times between posts.

Next. . .

After the party examined the body they left the scene and came to Blackburn’s Bakery. We spend some time with the PCs “feeling out” the baker. I don’t remember much but I tried to play him as a bitter man with a deep hurt. Eh, who knows if I did it or not. It’s been over three months since we did this. The baker did tell the party about the ghost of Mari Kell and how pretty she is. He also tells them about a demonic man who creeps about in the old ally way. This being wears a black jacket and has eyes that glow red.

The players decided to use the bakery as a base to watch the ally way. Oh, I forgot to mention when the party was first leaving the Cam Inn, two roughs passed by coming from further in Miller’s Court. They came from the opposite side of the court than the butchered corpse so they didn’t think about it much. After talking to the baker, they begin to wonder what the two men were doing down that ominous dead end where Mari’s hovel lies.

After waiting for about thirty minutes in game time, the players decide to explore down the ally way leading to Mari’s hovel. Down the ally way the go and there on the cobblestone is sprawled a dead man. Rangar1965’s PC quickly approaches the body to confirm the death. The body is still warm and the throat is slit. The three players looked at each other and realize those two thugs murdered this man. Before the witch can rise from the corpse, a presence is felt and a horribly diseased man is seen lurking behind some old barrels. The man seems almost feral and his eyes were animalistic. He rasped, “Go away.” Jediwife’s elf pulls her bow, Nightwing’s PC pulls Whisker, while Ragnar1965’s witch backs away from the corpse. The light from the magical blade shows the party the individual they gazed upon should be as dead as the throat-slit man laying on the ground.

“Go away. I hunger. Leave me,” the being croaked out.

The party didn’t agree. Initiative is rolled. I don’t remember the fight but the former human went down from the arrows and Whisker. After a quick discussion, they decide this monster was most likely a ghoul and was not the being Blackburn the baker saw.

They also have Nightwing’s ranger try and track the two thugs who killed the man with the slit throat. He rolled very well and was able to track them to a man hole cover.

They chose to leave the man hole along and went back to the dark, dead end ally. At the end of the ally is the wooden door that leads to Mari’s old home.

Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:36 pm
by JediOre
Well, they mess with the door to Mari’s hovel and after a funny minute with Nightwing refusing to allow his ranger to stick his hand back through the broken window when his PC’s hand touched something “organic” (The face of a dead woman peering out at him didn’t help either!) They unlock the door and enter.

They quickly searched and found the door plastered over. The plaster is removed and the three PCs enter into the bar of the old Ten Bells. As they look about one of the tables is flung at them with the accompanying woman’s voice screaming, “Get out!” I don’t know if I did a poor job, but the players remained calm yet they discretely left the room for the kitchen. The flying knives did unnerve Jediwife as it reminded her of one of the first adventures she ever played in (“Irongard” from one of the early Dungeon Magazines). They retreat from there and look about on the main floor with a short fight in the store room verses the spider. The map in the private room proved to be of great interest throughout the entire module and kudos for it. This map helped and confused which was wonderful.

The secret door and the staircase however was fun. This is one great encounter. Let me preface by saying I altered the entity a bit. . . . [Also, the description says the stairs “descends” instead of “ascends.”] Well, the ranger takes the lead up this rickety flight of stairs with the elf next and the witch in the back. A few steps up and the ranger falls through the steps, catches himself so from the waist down he is dangling beneath the stairs. His precious Whisker is laying several steps above him where he dropped it in his fall. Ragnar1965 and JediWife tease Nightwing about his ranger’s undignified appearance. He made some comment about being the “meatshield” and I think he is getting more comfortable with having the character in the front who does take the hits. This is a good thing because I than said some sort of tentacle grabbed his ankle and exerted quite a bit of force.

The smiles dropped as I said whatever it was, it began to cause pain and was beginning to grab more than just the ankle. The ranger tries to get up while JediWife’s elf tries to help. One of them asked if the stairs would be sturdy enough to handle a lot of pulling and I said no, it doesn’t appear to. The thing is now causing more pain and the ranger felt this thing begin to pierce his flesh along the calf. Things were looking bad. Nightwing asked if he could pull out of this unknown embrace and I said his PC had been trying and the ranger doesn’t think he’s even begun to feel the full power of whatever it is. Nightwing asks Jediwife to have her elf leapt by him and get his saber because he is going down the hole next round.

With Whisker in hand and something wrapped around his leg and pressing into a puncture in the calf, the ranger dropped into the hole and darkness. The ranger’s blade illuminated the enemy—a semi-transparent ooze. All three agree; this is a bad thing. Rangar1965 knows my opinion of oozes. Give me undead any day over the various oozes. I hate them. My PCs (when I got to be a player back in the 20th century) tried to avoid, i.e. run, the numerous black puddings, grey oozes, and ochre jellies my DM threw at me. JediWife had her elf drop down into this compartment beneath the stairs and as soon as she cleared the hole, the witch cast magic missile at the abomination. They did kill the thing but not before the ranger was in dire straights. This was a great fight and the “ornate masterwork bloodcoral dagger engraved with images of dolphins” is one of the neatest non-magical treasures I’ve seen in a while.

Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 12:31 pm
by JediOre
They reach the second floor and look about the old bedroom of the Ten Bells’ owner. They find the secret compartment by breaking the desk and read through the journal. The fact that the dead owner had hopes of somehow uniting him with the ghost of Mair Kell puzzled them. They determined the man had been crazy and since the ghost was still around, he failed. As to what MIGHT have happened in “the chamber in the cellar” would be worth looking into they thought. They also note a dark stain on the ceiling. Something has seeped through from above. Perhaps there is a third floor or an attic? I tell them the stain is still damp and is dark crimson.

From there they found the door to the upstairs supply closet. The ranger went in and things went crazy. A dusty sheet flung itself off a shelf and the door slams shut with the lady PCs outside. Nightwing hated this encounter. His ranger could not use anything but a dagger and the sheet is wrapping itself about the PC’s head. Furthermore the sheet is forcing its way into his mouth after he yelled for help. The ranger is not having a good day for the monsters are not fighting fair anymore. The elf and the witch are struggling with the door, trying to force it open but with no luck. They are at a loss for the moment. I “subtlety” remind them what the Tin Woodsman did when Dorothy was locked behind a door in the Witch’s castle. Sometimes folks simply don’t think.

Due to a brain lapse on the part of Nightwing’s companions, the ranger is dropping hit points like rotten fruit. The sheet has closed off his breathing but the dagger has been doing damage to in return. By the time the door is chopped down the ranger is below zero in hit points. Having Jediwife's elf kick in the door on the almost dead ranger didn't help either! The sheet is ruined and pulled out of the ranger’s mouth. Several cure spells later and several more potions the party is ready to explore some more.

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:46 am
by ragnar1965
Sorry that I can't really add anything to this. It's just been too long ago that we finished it up. I'm not remembering much about it anymore. I remembered I liked it for what it's worth. I do remember the final encounter that is yet to appear here, but I'm sure is coming soon.

Posted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 10:09 am
by JediOre
Ragnar1965 is right. We did this back in October of 2007.

I have pretty good memories so I'll try to catch up and hope the players remember some of this.

So here is the next installment:

They enter the “Honeymoon Suite” and look all about. Nightwing wanted to move the skeletal body of the bride lying upon the bed and also take the ring as a clue for something in the cellar. Both Jediwife and Ragnar1965 were firm in not touching anything in the room at all. Both of them had, in best Star Wars phraseology, “a bad feeling about this.” Nightwing really wanted to move the body but finally caved to the other two. The elf and the witch both felt as though something unnatural was descending upon the room and Jediwife urged the party to get out of the room before the ghost appeared. They all saw the wisdom in the suggestion and backed out. The three discussed about the various victims. How in the past the bodies were all of women but now men were included. They wanted to know what the ghostly form of Mari had to do with this mystery and where was this demonic man the baker had seen?

While they discussed, Ragnar1965 also explained his PC was looking closely at the ceiling. He was trying to see if there was a way into the attic, assuming there was such. It was the sharp eye of the ranger who spotted the sooty trapdoor in the ceiling. Up they went. In the attic they found the brutalized body of a woman. Her still form was hacked and maimed in a fashion far different from the horrific precision of the dead guardsman they found in Miller’s Court below. It is easy to tell the stain in the bedroom on the second floor originates from this body. They also find the terrified man who chased after the monster who kidnapped his betrothed. He told them of a being similar to the one the baker described. Whatever it is, it has incredible strength. He also tells them of the ghostly lady who “grieved for the victim, and showed no outward sign of hostility.”

The PCs help the blinded man out of the attic and retrace their steps, bringing him out of the Ten Bells and to a local temple where they front the money to have him healed. Bonus points for this move.

With that they return to the Ten Bells intent on going down to the cellar.

Posted: Wed Mar 26, 2008 1:41 pm
by Nightwing
Ah the mercy date........

I am tired of falling down holes in caves, barns and now stairs. How do you fall through stairs? What kind of Ranger am I?
A dusty sheet flung itself off a shelf and the door slams shut with the lady PCs outside. Nightwing hated this encounter. His ranger could not use anything but a dagger and the sheet is wrapping itself about the PC’s head.
If I got myself perished(Crow reference) from a sheet my brief time as a RPG player would have been in trouble.

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2008 1:05 pm
by JediOre
In the cellar they poke around and locate both secret doors. Since the map doesn’t show a door in the south, the party, of course, explores the more mysterious of the two secrets. The door is opened and they travel south along the corridor quietly and warily. They open the door to the laboratory. The witch examines all the magical symbols on the floor and determines only a fool would try and use such poorly crafted arcane symbols.

This must be the room the owner of the Ten Bells mentioned. The party isn’t sure they should be relieved since the practitioner was inept and nothing happened OR due to the man’s incompetence, something very bad occurred. All weapons come out upon this thought. The ranger, with the elf covering him, eases around the place, careful not to step near the pentagram and leaving the skeleton of the dead owner alone. They carefully leave the room, close the door, attempt to bar it (just in case) and proceed further down the corridor into the most amazingly frustrating room in the whole module to my group. But that is a tale for another installment.

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:26 am
by Nightwing
Jediore is my friend

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:40 am
by JediOre
Alright Nightwing, I'll sorry I asked you to post earlier. I told you I hate just seeing post after post by me, but I didn't ask for suck-up posts. :lol:

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:45 am
by JediOre
“A dark crimson mist fills the room before you. The mist glows ominously, and seems to swallow up all light that comes in contact with it. You can’t make out anything more than a few feet in front of you, but the stomach-churning stench of blood hangs heavily in the damp air.”

With that introduction the party entered the “Red Death” room. The mist emanated from a “skeletal dragon-shaped fountain that stands in the midst of [a] pool located in the center of the room.” Yes the pool is full of blood and other vileness. They read the fountain’s Elvish inscription, “The mist that surrounds you shrouds the vision. Prove now that your perception is true, and all will become clear. As the sun rises and falls so too must the dragons’ horn be turned, a number of times equal to the characters in the alphabet.”

We spent probably thirty to forty-five minutes trying all sorts of variations from all three players and all to no avail. The darts discharged all three times and mercifully ran out. But, my oh my, did they give this puzzle a workout. Finally they gave up on the statue and begin to inspect the ten-foot diameter circle inscribed on the floor. Before they could get far, a hoarse chuckling emanated from the archway to the west. I told them this evil laugh sent chills down the PC’s spines.

They readied for combat and entered into the lair of the demonic man. This was the fight! The small, monstrous little man attacked them like they had never seen. In two rounds Carrick had the ranger hovering into the single digits and the arrows shot from the elf’s bow was of no value nor was the magic blade of Whisker! Magic missile fizzled as well and the ranger was taken out by Carrick on the third round. He throws aside the almost dead ranger like he was a rag doll and began to approach the ladies. Jediwife has her elf discard her bow and draws the cold iron sword of Lord Tulwar’s (from DCC #0 for those keeping track) taking a defensive stance in front of the witch. They are all worrying how to stop this killing machine. Nightwing is looking at a PC with hit points around -6 or -7 and he is slowly bleeding out. Jediwife says her elf will fight with Carrick while Ragnar1965’s witch goes and casts a cure spell on the ranger. Carrick has different ideas. He seems to be situated in such a way to insure no one was going to get at the dying man. Ragnar1965 is hotly looking through the spells and a light bulb almost appears above his head. He quickly lays out a grease spell it get the nasty dark fey. On the next round Ragnar1965 says his witch is rushing around the grease spell to get at the ranger. Jediwife’s elf is ready to go head to head in the event Carrick doesn’t slip. The evil being retains his balance and he begins to pound on the elf with a vengeance. The elf hit the dark fey and he shrieks in pain. Finally, something that can harm this beast! Carrick begins striping the hit points of the elf now. The dark fey was striking twice a round with his clawed hands, hitting most of the time, and was doing between fourteen and twenty-two hit points damage every round. He’s a killing machine!

As soon as the ranger is in single digit hit points, Nightwing has the PC charge at the back of Carrick to body slam him in the back of the knees. The hope is between the grease spell and the blow to the knees, this inhuman monster will topple over backwards and the elf, with Lord Tulwar’s blade, can get all sorts of bonuses. He strikes hard and does exactly what he set out to do. Unfortunately, Carrick is both deceptively strong and heavy, penning the ranger beneath. This, however, is where the battle turned decisively for the players. Nightwing’s ranger is grabbing at Carrick’s arms giving the dark fey additionally penalties to those already received by being prone. The cold iron blade kills the maniacal beast and the players celebrate one of the most trying, yet short, combats of their careers.

Nightwing’s ranger was back in negative hit points again since Carrick vented some of his anger on the penned man. Jediwife’s elf was running low on hit points as well. Rangar1965’s cleric/magic-user didn’t get a scratch but had to heal both the fighters with potions and spells.

More to come as they leave the circle in the “Red Death” room alone to find, hopefully, easier encounters through the other secret door.

Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 6:22 am
by Nightwing
JediOre wrote:“A dark crimson mist fills the room before you. The mist glows ominously, and seems to swallow up all light that comes in contact with it. You can’t make out anything more than a few feet in front of you, but the stomach-churning stench of blood hangs heavily in the damp air.”

This reminded me of the mist from the War of the Worlds.

Since I almost die in every room I am thinking about renaming my ranger negative Nimrod.

Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 6:56 pm
by JediOre
Through the secret door the PCs encounter a group of three drunken thugs; two humans and an ugly half-orc. The half-orc rises from the table they’ve been playing cards and asked them if a rival gang sent them. The players and I bantered back and forth for a bit as I played the thugs as the author wrote them as “sporting industrial-sized hangovers and are in no mood to be trifled with.”

Nightwing was ready for a fight, a straight up fight, against flesh and blood opponents. His ranger grew inpatient with the half-orc’s insults and whipped out Whisker. The fight was on. I beefed up the half-orc giving him two extra levels but left the human thieves alone.

This was the most fun Nightwing had had thus far. All three PCs attacked a thug apiece and the fight was really enjoyable. The villains went down and the party searched the bodies and the room.

From there they entered the dormitory where I became “a bit” annoyed at the player’s actions. They found the dying thief and tried to get information from him. Keep in mind Jediwife had left the room (most likely the children needed mommy attention but I don’t remember) so she was unavailable to lend her two-cents to the game play. Nightwing and Ragnar1965 roughed up the thief in bed with a high fever and two gangrene wounds. I reminded Ragnar1965 his witch was part cleric and the PC could tell the man in the bed was dying.

The witch stabilized the wound but didn’t heal the thief at all. They continue to press him for information and Nightwing figures on just killing him. They decide against doing him in and instead drag him up the cellar stairs, through the Ten Bells and Mari’s hovel, into Miller’s Court. They continue to drag him along and flag down night watchmen. They tell the night watchmen that the dying man is one of the members of the Bogie Boys gang and they have found a safe room of the gangs. The night watchmen are happy to hear all this but have no use for a dying man and don’t have the time to find a cleric for such a thug. They suggest taking him to a temple for healing and then come find the watch again.

Nightwing and Ragnar1965 leave the thief in the gutter to die and head back to the cellar of the Ten Bells to further explore.

I’ll confess I really was disappointed in the guy’s actions. I had converted the stats of Holger Kurtz, the dying thief, into C&C stats and was figuring the party would show some mercy and heal him, giving Kurtz the opportunity to be a loyal NPC. They really could have used a thief and having a loyal NPC who is rather shady would add all sorts of possibilities for me to introduce hooks for further adventures (I don’t know how I came to have these pearls in my pockets but hide me please. . .).

Anyway, I didn’t do a good job with hiding my frustration as DM; okay, I told them I couldn’t believe what they had done. Ragnar1965 was quite firm about the fact this man had been part of a gang and was most definitely evil, so he had no problem with his PC doing what she did. Nightwing agreed with that. I could see the logic of what they said but they had ruined the “precious DM’s plan.” How dare them! (Looking back I didn’t handle myself well in this to my shame). Of course now Jediwife returns and lambastes them for the whole thing reminding Ragnar1965 of all the crazy things he does which gets them in trouble when she’s away (like killing a group of ghost paladins -‘well, they were undead’). I think his reply was something along the lines of she should know better than to go off and leave them to their own devices.

Oh well. Kurtz died on the street that night, in game time, and his stats sheet went into the trash can that night in real time.

We took a breather at this point so I could collect my thoughts. This proved good because the three of them rocked from this point forward.

Before they party headed back to the room with red mist they explored the sewers for a bit but didn’t go so far as to encounter the muckfish or beyond.

For whatever reason when the PCs returned to the room of red mist, the players had no problem with the puzzle that only an hour or so again defeated them. They turned off the red mist and it was then they heard the faint whisper asking for the party to “find me, free me,” in an exotic woman’s voice. Upon this the players tackled the ten-foot diameter circle, quickly getting it to descend. Unknown to them at this time they were descending into the prison of something that was awaked by the removal of the Black Pearl from Sezrakan’s Tower out at sea!

Posted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:10 am
by Nightwing
JediOre wrote:Oh well. Kurtz died on the street that night, in game time, and his stats sheet went into the trash can that night in real time.

I wanted to just kill him. Or torture him for info. He got off easy if you ask me.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 9:34 am
by JediOre
The area they came to is really a neat one. I don’t think I did a good enough job in conveying that these chambers were built in a different way, quite old and extremely well done. The city of Portown has obviously forgotten this, much like New York and the deep abandoned train tunnels from Ghostbusters II.

They come to the end of a corridor and can’t breach the main door so they take the second door and come to a room with a large rusty statue looming over a pedestal with a rune-encrusted golden amulet resting upon it. Both JediWife and Ragnar1965 suspect a trap and Ragnar1965 points to the statue. Nightwing is feeling gutsy and happily volunteers to enter the room wade through the water to the pedestal and fight the statue too! Ragnar1965 cautioned Nightwing to not even attempt to attack the statue, as he was very certain the statue was a golem of some sort [as everyone can tell we ‘meta-game’] and the chances were very good Whisker wouldn’t hurt the thing. JediWife, being a good Indiana Jones fan, was less worried about the statue and more about a booby-trapped pedestal. She insisted the ranger must go in with a rope tied around his waist so the lady elven archer could haul him to safety in the event of a problem.

Nightwing agreed to the rope and promised if the statue came to life he would retreat from it. I think all of them wished they had trap detection abilities right about now. . . .

In went the ranger. He waded through the “brackish water” waist deep, which none of them thought might be a danger (it wasn’t) and made it to the dais upon which the pedestal stood. He began climbing and the horrible sound of tortured metal shrieked out. The statue, as predicted, had come to life. As soon as I said this Nightwing declared his ranger grabbed the amulet and JediWife says her character and the witch are ready the moment he has the amulet in hand to pull hard on the rope.

BOOM! A fireball trap goes off when he removes the amulet. He makes his save and took no damage. I gave him a bonus on the save since he was yanked backwards off his feet by the rope which would have dunked him under the brackish water. The statue can’t keep up with the two ladies pulling hand over fist to get the ranger to safety.

The amulet, which was also the key to the sealed door, has been secured and the adventure moves forward.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:43 am
by Nightwing
I could have taken that statue.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:58 am
by JediOre
Nightwing wrote:I could have taken that statue.

No comment.

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:07 am
by Nightwing
Hey its me!

Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:08 pm
by JediOre
I'm getting to the end of the reports for this module. I hope I've conveyed the fun of this adventure and have encourged someone to think about running this for their friends.

For those who know the module I'm sure you have spotted or will before I'm done my adlibs. I found this DCC to blend in perfectly with the previous DCCs this party has tackled.