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 Post subject: Dragonmech Directory
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:24 pm 
Deft-Handed Cutpurse

Joined: Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:48 pm
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Location: Wichita, KS
I've decided to post a little directory of various Dragonmech specific rules, creatures, and info and where they can be found on the site. Each entry includes which book and the specific page # it's on. I'm only posting basic info such as names and basic descriptions on the board, you'll have to look details up in the books. I don't have The Last City or Rumors & Lies so if you have them and want send the info, I'll gladly update the tables, or if you notice I've missed something in the other books. The books are abbreviated in the entries as follows:

Almanac of the Endless Traders = AET
Dragonmech core book = DM
Mech Manual = MM
Steam Warriors = SW
Shardsfall Quest = SQ
2nd Age of Walkers = 2AW

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 Post subject: Master Mech table
PostPosted: Sat Mar 12, 2011 7:25 pm 
Deft-Handed Cutpurse

Joined: Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:48 pm
Posts: 278
Location: Wichita, KS
Master Mech Table

Mech Name Faction Size Power Price (gp) Book & Pg #

Arbitrator Dwarves (Stenian) Gargantuan Steam 6,551 2AW 28
Bastion Dwarves (obsolete) Colossal Steam 5,624 DM 100
Borukdator (U) Dwarves Colossal III Steam 27,922 MM 4
Crag Strider Dwarves (Stenian) Huge Clockwork 7,194 MM 7
Durgan-Lok (U) Dwarves (Stenian) City-Mech C Steam 337,667* 2AW 32
Earth Breaker Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 23,348 MM 7
Fell Hammer Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal Steam 8,666 MM 8
Incinerator Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 11,765 DM 103
Iron Choir Dwarves Gargantuan Animated 51,874 MM 8
Janzeter's Amazing Mobile Cannon, MK1 Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal III Steam 40,937 DM 105
Judge Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 9,836 MM 11
Juggernaut Dwarves (Stenian) Gargantuan Steam 7,788 DM 107
Lancer (dwarven) Dwarves (Stenian) Gargantuan Steam 10,699 DM 108
Landshark Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal Steam 13,152 2AW 30
Magwagon (freight) Dwarves (obsolete) Colossal Steam 9,128 SQ 58
Nedderpik (U) Dwarves (Stenian) City-mech E Steam 1,497,818* DM 223
Pouncer Dwarves (Stenian) Huge Steam 1,226 2AW 31
Scale Hunter Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 19,702 DM 112
Scorpion Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 15,932 DM 113
Steam Blade Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal II Steam 10,997 MM 12
Talon Dwarves (traders) Colossal Steam 12,400 DM 117
Tunnel Warden Dwarves (Stenian) Gargantuan Steam 5,461 MM 13
War Smith Dwarves (Stenian) Colossal IV Steam 46,163 MM 14
Chimera Legion Colossal II Steam 10,665 MM 16
Defender Legion Huge Steam 2,498 MM 18
Falcon (U) Legion Huge Clockwork 17,423 MM 19
Fist of Valor Legion Colossal II Steam 13,486 MM 21
Forester Legion Gargantuan Clockwork 9,385 2AW 67
Haven (U) Legion City-Mech E Steam 1,416,005* 2AW 70
Humanity's Vengeance Legion Colossal III Steam 15,360 MM 22
Just Retribution Legion Colossal Man-powered 5,551 MM 23
Paladin Legion Colossal IV Steam 36,899 MM 24
Rook Legion Colossal Steam 11,089 2AW 68
Stormblade Legion Colossal II Steam 23,975 2AW 69
Vortex Legion Gargantuan Steam 5,551 MM 25
Ashigaru Irontooth Large Hybrid 1,174 MM 27
Barbagula Irontooth Huge Steam 3,000 DM 99
Chirin Irontooth Colossal II Steam 22,971 MM 30
The Daughter Irontooth Colossal Clockwork 19,310 DM 100
Fangbiter Irontooth Gargantuan Steam 4,250 DM 102
Iron Maiden Irontooth Colossal III Steam 16,639 DM 104
Jaguar Harrier Irontooth (Jaguar) Gargantuan Steam 5,951 2AW 117
Kabuto Irontooth Colossal V Man-powered 60,824 MM 30
Kabutoshi Irontooth Colossal III Man-powered 16,266 2AW 118
Kappa (U) Irontooth Colossal V Man-powered 60,824 MM 31
Kusari Irontooth Colossal III Clockwork 40,453 MM 32
The Mother Irontooth Colossal IV Clockwork 61,198 DM 109
Oni Irontooth (independent) Colossal IV Steam/Animated NA MM 33
Raptor Irontooth Large Clockwork 5,677 SQ 59
Samurai (basic) Irontooth Huge Steam 3,233 2AW 119
Sensei Irontooth Large Animated 20,658 MM 35
Shuriken Irontooth Huge Clockwork 6,373 MM 36
Wakizashi Irontooth Colossal IV Clockwork 61,440 MM 37
Aeron's Ally L'arile Nation Gargantuan Spell Furnace 102,041 MM 39
Black Rose L'arile Nation Gargantuan Animated 22,526 2AW 157
Breath of Hereal (U) Elves Colossal Animated 380,425 2AW 159
Dark Dryad Elven Druids Huge Animated 36,885 MM 40
Groveshadow (U) Elves Huge Animated 721,901 MM 42
Icicle L'arile Nation Colossal Animated 175,042 MM 43
Jeweltree (U) L'arile Nation Colossal IV Animated 661,089 MM 45
Lancer (elven) L'arile Nation Gargantuan Animated 32,390 DM 109
Memory L'arile Nation Gargantuan Animated 22,015 MM 47
Rodwalker L'arile Nation Huge Animated 112,616 DM 111
Runemech L'arile Nation Huge Animated 43,173 2AW 161
Tannanliel (U) L'arile Nation City-Mech F Animated 2,753,654* 2AW 164
Verdant Fury (U) Elves Huge Animated 232,616 DM 119
Warlock L'arile Nation Colossal II Animated 404,469 2AW 162
Crash Axe Orcs (Seared Palm) Colossal II Clockwork 29,676 MM 49
Dire Armor Orcs Huge Hybrid 2,037 MM 51
Fire Blood Orcs Huge Hybrid 1,811 MM 53
Gnasher Orcs Colossal II Steam 19,256 MM 55
Gore Dog Orcs Colossal II Steam 14,504 MM 56
Ol' Chief One Eye (U)
Orcs Colossal IV Man-powered 66,111 MM 57
Org XIII (U) Orcs Colossal V Steam 81,635 MM 59
Skull Crusher Orcs Colossal IV Man-powered 18,301 DM 114
Terror Tower Orcs Colossal IV Steam 30,979 MM 60
Warchief's Armor Orcs Gargantuan Hybrid 4,323 MM 62
Charnel Independent Colossal Undead 10,347+32 MM 64
Dreadwand Independent Gargantuan Undead 53,390+16 MM 65
Haunted Jurgen (U) Independent Huge Undead 10,664+8 MM 67
Sharlorn (U) Independent City-mech B Undead 341,600+2048 MM 68
Slaughtergore (U) Independent Gargantuan Undead 10,020+16 DM 115
Avenging Blade (U) Independent Gargantuan Animated 24,544 MM 79
Brine Worm Aboleth Gargantuan Clockwork 7,701 MM 80
Cathedral (U) Independent Colossal II Man-powered 4,032 MM 81
Deep Spider Drow Huge Hybrid 5,201 MM 83
Dignitary Universal Colossal II Steam 13,911 DM 101
Earthblood the Mighty (U) Independent Gargantuan Animated 160,018 MM 84
Home/Hornet (U) Mech tribe Colossal Steam 5,673 MM 86
the Lactrodectus Drow Colossal IV Clockwork 478,912 MM 87
Razid Derro Colossal Animated 22,212 MM 90
Sand Strider Desert Nomads Huge Clockwork 5,827 MM 91
Shrine of Oon Monks of Oon Colossal IV Steam 19,321 MM 92
Smiggenbopper's Perambulatory Orc Gnomes Gargantuan Clockwork 8,702 DM 116
Steel Warlord Universal Colossal Clockwork 15,696 MM 94
Sylvan Revenger (U) Independent Colossal V Animated 79,485 MM 96
Thundercloud Universal Colossal II Steam 21,245 MM 98
Totem Mech tribes Gargantuan Man-powered 1,988 DM 118
Viper Universal Gargantuan Clockwork 10,756 DM 121
Underbreather Universal Large Hybrid 1,164 MM 99

* does not include weapon costs.
Mechs marked with a (U) are unique.

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 Post subject: Feats Folio
PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2011 4:47 pm 
Deft-Handed Cutpurse

Joined: Sun Apr 17, 2005 4:48 pm
Posts: 278
Location: Wichita, KS
Dragonmech Feats Tables

General Feats
Feat Prerequisite Benefits Book & Page #

Accurate Lob^* Int 12+, proficient with indirect weapon Reduce penalties on indirect attacks SW 7
Aerial Operation^ Dex 13+, Mech Pilot 5 ranks Ignore -4 penalty to Mech Pilot for airborne maneuvers SW 7
Ageless Artificial Parts 7+ Gain the ageless class ability SW 7
Ambient Amplifier Coglayer level 1+ Steam powers gain effect of amplifier in gear forest SW 7
Animal Bond - Bonus to Handle Animal, Heal, & Ride for specific animal or general category 2AW 84 Aquatic Operation^ Dex 13+, Mech Pilot 5 ranks Ignore -4 penalty to Mech Pilot for underwater maneuvers SW 9
Armored Skin Tik'tok Additional +1 to natural armor bonus SW 9
Artificial Part Power Source or steam engine class ability Gain 1 artificial part SW 9
Attached Weapon Tik'tok Attach 1 weapon to your body SW 10
Attack Coordinator^* Wis 12+ +2 to bonus from those assisting in aid another actions 2AW 43
Mech Flanker^ Attack Coordinator, MAB +4 Extra +2 flanking bonus in mech 2AW 44
Synergy Strike^ Attack Coordinator, Mech Flanker, MAB +8 Double threat range vs specific target 2AW 44
Blended Features Half-orc, half-elf, or other evenly mixed ancestry can pass as another race 2AW 85
Boarding Balance 4 ranks, Climb 4 ranks +2 bonus to board mechs SW 10
Bolstered Tik'tok +1 hit point per Hit Die SW 10
Charge Spell Craft Magical Mech, Craft Wand or Craft Staff, arcane caster Add charges to wands or staffs 2AW 176
City-Mech Familiarity Live aboard city-mech for 6 months +1 to many skills while aboard chosen city-mech SW 10
Coupling* Artificial parts 2+ Attack bonus, can't be flanked SW 10
Dedicated Crew Member Mech Pilot 8+ ranks Count as 2 crew members. MM 124
Disabling Blow* BA +4, Knowledge (steam engines) 5 ranks Disable steam powers with melee attack SW 11
Discipline of Law Lawful alignment +2 to save vs chaotic effects 2AW 44
Disciplined Charge* Lawful alignment Additional +2 charge bonus 2AW 44
Dusk Runner Friend Diplomacy 4 ranks, Ride 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks +2 to several skills when dealing with dusk runners SW 11
Enlarged Tik'tok Size Medium instead of Small SW 11
Extra Steam Tik'tok Add a steam power to your body SW 11
Fast Rebuild Dex 13+, Coglayer level 1+ Reconstitute steam powers faster SW 11
Favored Enemy* - +2 to damage, skill checks vs favored enemy 2AW 176
Forgotten Lore - +2 to Knowledge (arcana) & Knowledge (history) 2AW 176
Gallant Commander^ Leadership, Mech Pilot 8 ranks Mech crew adds your Cha modifier to initiative rolls SW 11
Gearhead Int 13+, steam powers +2 steam powers DM 43
Superior Checklist Int 13+, Gearhead, steam powers Maintain steam powers in half the usual time SW 17
Gearman Healer Tik'tok, Craft (blacksmithing) 4 ranks +4 to repair tik'toks SW 12
Gearstride Dex 13+, experience in gear forests Less danger from gear forests DM 43
Engine Insight Dex 13+, Gearstride, Skill Focus (Knowledge [steam engine]) Improved synergy bonuses SW 11
Hazard Master< Dex 13+, Gearstride Touch attack to provoke gear forest hazard SW 13
Hazard Lord< Dex 13+, Hazard Master Rearange gear forest to guarantee hazards SW 13
Hazard Killer< Dex 13+, Hazard Lord Install more deadly hazards easier & faster SW 12
Intuitive Infiltrator Gear Stride, that piece is important class ability Studying time reduced by half SW 14
Hands-On Commander Wisdom 12+, Leadership Decreases crew minimum on mech
Hated Enemy Favored enemy +2 to attack favored enemy but -2 to AC & some skill checks 2AW 176
high-Grade Steel - +1 hit point for each new artificial part SW 13
Humanity Retained Lose self class ability +2 bonus on lose self checks SW 13
Improved Animal Companion Clockwork Ranger level 4+ Effective druid leve same as clockwork ranger level for purposes of animal companion SW 13
Insightful Step Wis 13+, Bluff 3 ranks Feint to reduce opponent's attack roll SQ 55
Prophetic Step Insightful Step, Improved Feint Feint to reduce multiple opponent's attack rolls SQ 56
Interrogator - +2 to Intimidate & Sense Motive checks 2AW 44
Joust Lord Mech Pilot 5 ranks + 1d6 unarmed damage in mech 2AW 125
Landswalker^ - +4 to mech related checks to Balance, Hide, or Move Silently in chosen terrain SW 14
Lizard Fighter> Cogling, Handle Animal 6 ranks Teach grease lizards to rage SW 14
Lizard Warrior> Cogling, Lizard Fighter, Handle Animal 12 ranks Trained grease lizards rage more easily & gain pack tactics SW 15
Lizard Lord> Cogling, Lizard Warrior, Improved Animal Companion, Handle Animal 12 ranks, grease lizard animal companion Some grease lizards are treated as additional animal companions SW 15
Lore Hoarder Int 12+ Memorize knowledge 2AW 176
Mech Adversary^ BA +4 +1 attack bonus against certain mech types SW 15
Greater Mech Adversary^ BA +9, Mech Adversary Increase critical threat range against target mech by 1 SW 12
Mech Athlete^ Mech Pilot 4 ranks +4 to Climb, Jump in mechs 2AW 177
Mech Dancer^ Dex 13+, Mech Pilot 10 ranks Add pilot's Dex bonus to mech's AC DM 44
Improved Mech Trample^ Dex 15+, Mech Dancer, Mech Pilot 10 ranks You are skilled at trampling others SW 14
Mech Fu^ Dex 15+, Mech Dancer, Mech Pilot 10 ranks, Irontooth Clansman Counter mech melee attacks DM 44
Improved Mech Fu^ Dex 15+, Mech Fu, Mech Pilot 13 ranks, Irontooth clansman Counter mech melee attacks as a free action 2AW 125
Terror Strike^ Dex 15+, Mech Fu, Mech Pilot 10 Ranks, Irontooth clansman Targets of mech's attacks are shaken SW 17
Greater Mech Fu^ Dex 15+, Improved Mech Fu, Mech Pilot 16 ranks, Irontooth Clansman Counter multiple mech melee attacks per round 2AW 124
Mechrobatics^ Dex 18+, Mech Dancer, Tumble 10 Ranks, Irontooth clansman Transfer ranks in Climb & Jump to mech, can tumble mech 2AW 125
Mech Hardened Irontooth clansman, practice in mech Gain MAB in 4 mechs 2AW 125
Mech Menace^ Intimidate 1 rank, Mech Pilot 5 ranks Can intimidate opponents with mech 2AW 85
Mech Part Specialization Craft (mechcraft) 5 ranks Time to install & repair chosen items is half normal SW 15
Mech Rider Dex 13+, train with rust riders No Balance check when attacking from mech DM 44
Mech Scholar - +2 to Knowledge (mechs) & Knowledge (steam engines) 2AW 125
Mech Weapon Proficiency - Proficient with all weapons on one type of mech DM 45
Mech Whisper^ - +4 to Move Silently in mechs 2AW 177
Mechanized Combat Practice Dex 13+ Mech attack bonus = BAB DM 45
Mechwalker^ Dex 13+ Move & fire in a mech DM 46
Mech Slap^ Dex 13+, Mechwalker Can take AoO against boarders 2AW 44
Mech Solidity^ Dex 13+, Mechwalker +4 to resist being tripped in a mech 2AW 44
Mechidextrous^ Dex 15+, Mechwalker Can attack two targets while piloting a mech, at -3 penalty DM 45
Metal Skin Artificial part 2+ +2 natural armor bonus to AC SW 15
Moonwatcher Wis 13+ Can predict lunar rain patterns DM 46
Motivational Lawful alignment +1 attack bonus for followers 2AW 44
Natural Caster Druid level 1+ Reduced spell failure in certain armor 2AW 177
Natural Pilot^ - +1 maneuverability on mechs you pilot DM 46
Arterial Node Con 14+, Natural Pilot, Heal 6 ranks Wired to mech, eligible for Mech Symbiote prestige class SW 9
Attuned Pilot^ Natural Pilot, Mech Pilot 4 ranks, 3 months experience Alter critical hits against your mech SW 10
Overseer Cha 15+, Leadership, character level 7+ Oversee more than 10 laborers during mech construction SW 15
Piston Rage Rage, steamborg level 1+ Add artificial part bonus to Str While raging SQ 56
Plains Runner Con 13+, Endurance Can run for extended periods 2AW 85
Plains Stare - reduce concealment miss chance by 5% 2AW 85
Power Source - Gain a steamborg's power source SW 16
Powered Leap Tik'tok +2 to Jump checks SW 16
Powerful Rebuke Rebuke undead or spirits +4 to turning checks 2AW 125
Pushing the Limit Artificial part 1+ Install extra artificial parts SW 16
Rust Guard Tik'tok Resist normal & magical rust SW 16
Saddle Shield* Dex 13+, Mounted Combat +4 to Ride check to use mount as cover 2AW 85
Salvage Master Craft (mechcraft) 1 rank, coglayer level 1+ Recover maximum possible salvage load SW 16
Secrets of Steam - +2 to Craft (mechcraft) & Knowledge (steam engine) checks SW 16
Seroficitacit's Changes Follower of Seroficitacit Weekly change check DM 46
Shepherd of the Metal Soul Ability to cast awaken construct Constructs you awaken gain bonus to characterics SW 16
Siege Weapon Proficiency - Proficient with siege weapon DM 46
Silent Rider* Move Silently 1 rank, Ride 1 rank Use your Move Silently ranks for your mount 2AW 85
Silver Tongue Negotiator or Persuasive +2 to Bluff & Diplomacy 2AW 85
Speed Freak^ Mech Pilot 5 ranks +10 ft. to mech speed DM 46
Sprint Con 11+, Run Sprint at 6x speed for 1+ rounds/day 2AW 85
Stealthy Mech Dex 13+ +4 to mech related checks to Hide or Move Silently SW 16
Steam Jack Coglayer level 1+ No maintenance needed while in gear forest SW 16
Steam-Trigger Training BA +3 Gain proficiency with 4 steam weapons SW 17
Storyteller - +2 to certain checks for Perform, Diplomacy, & Gather Information 2AW 85
Strong Self Steamborg level 1+ +4 to steamborg's daily Cha check 2AW 126
Stunning Precision Mech devil, stunning attack Can make stunning attacks with weapon 2AW 126
Swift Turn Cha 13+, Powerful Rebuke or Extra Turning, rebuke spirits Rebuke spirits as a free action 2AW 126
Taskmaster Negotiator or Persuasive Get 1 extra man-hour out of worker under your oversight MM 124
Tinker's Touch Knowledge (steam engines) 3 ranks Inflict critical hits & sneak attacks against constructs SQ 56
True Believer - +4 to one check or attack roll/day 2AW 86
Under the Skin Artificial part 1+ Artificial parts are small & easy to conceal SW 17
Understand Dialects - +1 to certain checks for Disguise, Bluff, Sense Motive, & Perform (oratory) 2AW 86
Unnatural Pilot^ Natural Pilot, divination spells, follower of Dotrak +4 AC, trip, etc. for 2 spell slots DM 46
War Rider* Mounted Combat +4 to Ride in combat situations 2AW 86
Wrecker - +4 to skill checks to disable or destroy machines SW 17

Divine Feats
Feat Prerequisite Benefits Book & Page #

Sense Spirits Rebuke or turn spirits Can detect presence of spirits 2AW 125
Smite Spirit Cha 13+, rebuke spirits Bonus to attack, damage spirits 2AW 125
Spirit Strike Cha 13+, rebuke spirits Attack as ghost strike weapon 2AW 126
Spirit Ward Cha 13+, Spirit Strike, rebuke spirits +2 bonus to saves against spirits for all with 60 ft. radius 2AW 126
Superior Turning Cha 13+, Improved Turning Burn extra turning attempts to increase turning power MM 124

Item Creation Feats
Feat Prerequisite Benefits Book & Page #

Craft Magical Mech Caster level 9th+, Craft (mechcraft) 5 ranks Can design magical mechs DM 43
Improved Mech Animation Craft Magical Mech +10 to dispel DC of mechs you craft 2AW 177
Craft Powered Mech Craft (mechcraft) 10 ranks, Knowledge (mechs) 10 ranks Can design powered mechs DM 43
Craft Steam Gear Knowledge (steam engines) 5 ranks Can build steam gear DM 43

Metamagic Feats
Feat Prerequisite Benefits Book & Page #

Combine Spell - Combine spells for greater effect DM 43
Empower Mech^ - +50% to variable, numeric effects spells cast from mech 2AW 176
Enlarge Mech^ - +100% to range of spells cast from mech 2AW 176
Heighten Mech^ - Cast spells at higher level from mech 2AW 177
Metamagic Wand 1 specific metamagic feat Apply metamagic feat to wand 2AW 177
Power Spell 13+ in casting ability score Add ability modifier to spell damage SQ 56
Spell Cleave Power Spell Extra spell attack after dropping target SQ 56

^ indicates feats that a mech jockey can take as bonus feats.
* indicates feats that a fighter can take as bonus feats.
< indicates feats that may be selected by a clockwork ranger as part of the hazard master combat style.
> indicates feats that may be selected by a clockwork ranger as part of the lizard master combat style.

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