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 Post subject: New Mech Weapon
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2006 12:14 am 
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So I'm writing things down for my upcoming campaign and part of it will involve orc raiders. The main theme of the orcs in this is that a particularly influential chieftain arises and, while not truly "unifying the clans," does rally a large number of tribes to his banner. Included among these orcs are Ravel Cracked Skull and his Org XIII and the orc clerics and crew of Ol' Chief One Eye. I figured that if the orcs are rallying then the Seared Palm Clan would, at the very least, be kicking into high gear to provide mechs for their fellow orcs (after they receive proper payment, of course). The only books I have are DM and the MM, but I came up with the idea that while the Seared Palm are selling equipment to other orcs that they should want to be making their presence known as well. The way I see them is the closest thing that orcs have to a merchant clan: they manufacture mechs and any appropriate weapons, parts, etc. But in this "orc revival" they will want to be noticed, and what better way to do so than to field test their latest prototype on the front lines?

Along these lines I've come up with a rough idea for a Seared Palm design that comes close to the Stenien, Legion, and Irontooth standards of a true frontline heavy combat mech. Keeping to tradition, this orc mech specializes in melee combat. I haven't came up with full stats yet (my DM books have been borrowed by a friend for the weekend) but I know that, aside from a ballista or two, the main armament of said mech, which is a colossal III clockwork design (cutting edge from the Seared Palm's finest engineers) carries a massive, mech sized buzzaxe. It occurred to me that there are no mech sized buzzaxes and that if anyone were to design one it would be the "elite" coglayer/steamborgs of the Seared Palm Clan as a natural result of their new knowledge of steam technology combined with traditional orcish appreciation of brute force. So I came up with this:


Buzzaxe Blade
Cost: x3
Damage: same - 6 hardness*
Weight: Same*
PU: Same*

This is a larger version of the standard buzzaxe, augmented with powered teeth on one side of the blade. It functions identically to a normal axe blade except that it ignores the first six points of hardness of its target as the powered teeth help the blade penetrate armor.
This weapon has been developed by the savage engineers of the Seared Palm Clan. It represents the cutting edge of orc technology by exploiting new methods to enhance the pure brute force that all orcs know and appreciate.

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