Fantastic Description of turning on a mech...

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Fantastic Description of turning on a mech...

Post by cssmythe3 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 7:50 am

"There are a few hundred lubrication points on this mech, and it takes a long time to boil 5000 gallons of water. As the water warms, I do what jocks from the beginning of Nedderpick have always done, I begin the ritual of 'oiling around'. Starting under the steam cannon, I oil the trailing truck journals, springs and support bearings. Moving forward, there are the spring lube pads on the drivers, the air compressor piston rods, the crosshead guides, valve gear and piston rod packing. At the front, the leading truck bearings, support bearings and slides all get treatment. I work my way up along the left side of the boiler to the bell mounting, and the air compressor top ends, where I unscrew the caps and pour about a pint of oil into each reservoir."

(I modified that a bit)

Here is a GREAT description of starting up a steam locomotive, a few changes and it would easily apply to a mech.

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Re: Fantastic Description of turning on a mech...

Post by Oaksoul Elite » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:46 pm

Wow, that's an impressive little description. Gets you wondering if they actually turn off mechs if it takes so long to warm up. Hmm.... that actually poses a twist on the nighttime encounter: it means the mech jockey won't be able to pilot their mech - at least, not until it warms up. Personally, I'd allow the mech jockey a mechcraft check each round to cut down on time. It'd be a really steep DC at first, but it would get easier with time. A successful check allows them to cut corners and get it running quicker.

I'd actually planned a game that would use the reverse as a plot point: a hellborg possessing a new mech and trying to get it running. It's a tough encounter, but the players have time to set up a battle ground of their choosing.

And thank you for that little vote of confidence.
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