Coglayer jargon

Medieval fantasy mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves.

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Coglayer jargon

Post by mythfish »

Here are some handy words for talking like a coglayer.

adjust, align, assemble, balance, calculate, calibrate, connect, depressurize, dismantle, equalize, fine tune, install, localize, lubricate, maintain, manufacture, overhaul, patch, pressurize, redirect, redline, regulate, release, replace, stabilize, tighten, weld

array, assembly, belt, cable, cog, coupler, engine, gauge, gear, matrix, meter, pipe, piston, pump, rivet, rod, shaft, sprocket, steam, tank, valve, wheel

automated, energy, input, output, power, pressure, tension, transmission

auto-, mega-, micro-, re-

And already with this limited list we can say things like "The wavemaker's autotransmission matrix needs to be recalibrated," or "The mech is jerking because the steam engine's localized coupler cable needs to be redirected into the piston release assembly," or "I can reconnect the output wheel's microbelt, but I'll have to dismantle the entire pressure shaft to do it!"

Please add to the list!
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Post by Orin »

These are more made up, but appeal to me as fun coglayerish slang.

Spronk, Grunk (dried oil residue), Widgit, goopy (oil consistency), bung (broken)
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Post by Flushmaster »

Whenever we finally get around to playing the DM campaign I have half written (I really need to finish that *writes note to self on back of hand*) I'll have to print out this list and give it to my friend who has already drawn up his character. A distractable and occasionally hyperactive gnome coglayer who frequently experiments with potentially dangerous devices and spends most of the rest of his free time "improving" normal devices to the point that they become potentially (or definitely) dangerous. And he collects grease. But I'm sure he'll like this list.

Post by Seflas »

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Post by Tinker-Gobo »

Contraptions a good word also Hyper-, Radient, Gyro-, Whirring and of course Recombobulator!
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