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Missing link Lobster Claw
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Author:  Raptor [ Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Missing link Lobster Claw

I was looking through the weapons lists in the book the other day and noticed there is no listed Large Lobster Claw, there is only the personal (med) and the Huge. This is probably due to it being described as a weapon that attaches to one arm, so a 2-handed version didn't make sense, however this leaves a hole for larger creatures using a lobster claw, and for smaller mechs who want something in between the Medium & the Huge. Here are what I think the Stats would probably look like: 600 Gp Cost, 2d6 (or 1d12)/19-20 damage, 20 lbs weight, Bludgeoning & Piercing, 1 Crew, & 2 PU. Sound about right? I was looking for the largest lobster claw that could be used by a 1 man crew.

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