Post-Shardsfall Quest

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Post-Shardsfall Quest

Post by Waspinator » Mon Mar 09, 2009 3:13 pm

I was just wondering what kinds of ideas people have come up with for following up on the ending of Shardsfall. What have you come up with?

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Re: Post-Shardsfall Quest

Post by Oaksoul Elite » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:03 pm

I've come up with heading toward L'Arile on an ill-defined quest (presumably led there by the Starshards), where the adventurers are press-ganged into service once again, on a dungeon crawl to help clear out some demonic cultists (I forget what they're called, but they're the elves who sold their souls to survive the lunar rain). The elven general sends his son along (reputably so he can be sure he can trust us, but also with the hope that we'll be a good influence on his gothic son Thorn). Dungeoncrawl. Betrayal by Thorn, revealing that he is among the cultists. Teleporting trap set off that puts the PCs in the middle of a mech battle. Thorn escapes in the chaos. Sorry, but this phase of the adventure isn't fully fleshed out yet. Part 2: Freeing Zack Rodebaugh, Artist of Steel. His gf tries to bribe the adventurers into not investigating. Free Zack. Learn that the skinstealer has loaded up a bunch of eggs on a mech to Edge, in order to spread influence across Highpoint. Chase after mech. Save the day. Part 3: At Edge. Shopping. The steamborg shopkeeper tries to sell his latest ware: an unfolding hang glider "parachute." Ill-defined adventure. Thorn shows up again, at the top of Edge. Battle. Escapes by jumping off the cliff and deploying one such hang glider parachute. Any PCs who did buy one get a chance to have a chase scene.
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Re: Post-Shardsfall Quest

Post by Seben-PistonRager » Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:58 pm

We did "Against the Iron Giant" it was the right level and fit the theme. Then we did one of the DCCs... cant remember the number... The one with the tower surrounded by a wall of force. Then we were taking the dryad back to the forest, but encountered a blue dragon fighting a smaller lunar dragon. We helped out the Blue dragon and Then the Dryad left with it... It played on the constructors psych lims, the Coglayer didn't like her and I was playing the steamborg with no opinion on things. It was not the way the DM expected things to happen...
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Re: Post-Shardsfall Quest

Post by mythfish » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:02 am

I took my players on a few non-connected adventures after Shardsfall, but dropped some hints along the way about the Moonwatcher Clan. Eventually they decided to get more information about the Starshard by tracking down the Moonwatcher clan. The information trail led them to the lair of a Moonwatcher coglayer, a tower tricked out with steam-powered traps. Something was clearly not right when they got there. To make a long story short, the coglayer and his team had been experimenting with lunar rocks...the coglayer was dead, his assistants were all infected with intelligent lunar parasites (the Scalded template), and the coglayer's best friend had become a lunarborg. The Scalded assistants were using their hosts' knowledge to create a lunar mech out of lunar metals.

Unfortunately the group broke up soon thereafter, but they would have found some information in the coglayer's library and gone back to their Irontooth contact to find out who to talk to next.
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Re: Post-Shardsfall Quest

Post by monke » Thu May 28, 2009 2:58 pm

Some good ideas. I actually just found a Dragonmech game on one of the online play by post role playing sites. Believe me I'm going to join:) I was thinking about playing and elven druid of Hereal who was alive before Bessemer fell and wants to reclaim it for his people.

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