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 Post subject: Scalded template
PostPosted: Fri May 04, 2007 8:33 am 
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I'm looking for a little clarification on how the skills, feats, and special abilities work with the scalded template in the Mech Manual.

1) The scalded creature retains all special attacks and special qualities of the base creature. So there's no reason a scalded wizard or cleric couldn't cast spells, or a scalded coglayer or steamborg couldn't still maintain steam powers? Even if they technically only have an Int of 6?

2) All the members of a scalded swarm have the same skills and feats due to their swarm mind, and the number of skills and feats is determined by the mind level of the swarm. So for example, a 20 member swarm has skills and feats equal to a 3rd level character? How many skill points does that equal, and what skills are considered class skills? I'm working with creating a swarm of scalded with class levels, and not every member is the same class. Feats aren't too difficult since 3rd level characters would have 2 feats (not counting any bonus feats, and I'm assuming the scalded swarm wouldn't get any bonus feats regardless of the races and classes of its members). But I'm a bit stumped on how to figure skills and skill points.

Dieter Zimmerman
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