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 Post subject: Goblins and Tinkers
PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 11:06 am 
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Ok I am an old fan of the Warcraft Tinker style Goblins so I depowered them a little from the Warcraft RPG books (Not the World of Warcraft one) as they are basicly an LA 1 in normal setting there and made them as Tinker Goblins for Dragonmech.

Tinker/High Goblin
Dex +2, Str -2
Speed 20 ft
Low-Light Vision
+2 racial bonus on Craft (Mechcraft), Craft (Blacksmith), Knowledge (Steam Engines).
+4 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks.
+1 to all reflex saves.
Weapon Familiarty: Goblins receive the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat
for the Steam Pistol, Buzz Ax, and Flame Nozzle as bonus feats.
Automatic Languages: Common and Goblin. Bonus Languages: Any
Favored Class: Coglayer

I wanted to give them a Int boost but that'ed but that is hard to balance out on a LA 0. They get Diplomacy as they are a race of traders and they learn to do it from the first theys they are born.
Any thoughts?

Now I am as well working on a more goblin style PrC for the Coglayer.
More based around Steampowers and Tinkering then building Mechs.

So I was thinking of using the same steampowers gained from the Gearwright (sp?) plus giving them a kind of Tinker point system.
1 Point per level plus your int bonus in points that you can spend in weapens and other items.
Like 1 point = +1 to hit or damage or 4 Points to up the damage die one step.
Still working out the point to bonus balance.
Plus for each point put into an item it has a 1% chance to fail in some way each time used.
So 5 points in a item turns into a 5% chance to fail.

Any thoughts on this or ideas about other powers it might gain?

Hoping to get a little advice on this idea.

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