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Author:  Jeff LaSala [ Wed Oct 31, 2007 10:24 am ]
Post subject:  Halloween

Anyone else doing anything for Halloween??




Author:  goodmangames [ Thu Nov 01, 2007 3:29 am ]
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Nice pumpkins!

Author:  fathead [ Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:01 am ]
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Next year though...I want to make a whole day of horror-themed gaming!

Play board games (Arkham Horror, Last Night on Earth), play D&D (I have Cage of Delirium prepped) or terrorize my players with a Call of Cthulhu game, and watch a movie (maybe Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later, Evil Dead 2, etc).

Oh year...

Author:  fathead [ Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:04 am ]
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goodmangames wrote:
Nice pumpkins!

Agreed. You should have left them dripping and oozing pumpkin seeds though... ;)

Author:  Jeff LaSala [ Thu Nov 01, 2007 5:10 am ]
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I attempted to run a streamlined version of Ravenloft's old A Light in the Belfry adventure with 3.5E. But alas, it just couldn't fit into a single session. Not even close.

Here's to hoping 4th Edition will make everything faster!

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