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Post by Seath Darcstar » Tue Dec 14, 2004 11:33 pm

Well, i would say that a book mark shouldn't stop this spell from functioning. The book should close itself. And the material component could be dropped to something like a stamped piece of paper that costs 5 silver to create.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Sat Dec 18, 2004 6:23 pm


You are skilled at haggling over the price of items.
Prerequisite: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Benefit: When buying or selling any item of 200 gold piece value or less, you may make a Diplomacy check to increase or decrease the price (as you see fit). This increase/decrease is a percentage amount equal to the amount of the check. Maximum change to the price of the item is plus or minus 30 percent.
The NPC who is buying/selling the item may, at the DM's discretion, make an opposed Diplomacy check equal to your Diplomacy roll if they now wish to refuse the sale.
You cannot force a person to buy an item you are selling, only if they have already agreed to buy it (or sell it) can you use this feat.
Special: This feat may only be used once on any given vendor or customer per day (as they become callous to a second attempt with the first one so fresh on their mind).
Special: NPCs are not eligible for this feat.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Thu Jan 20, 2005 7:49 pm

FINESSE IN ALL THINGS [General, Fighter]

Your skill and grace carry over to nearly all weapons, not just light weapons.
Prerequisite: Weapon Finesse, Base attack +6, Dex 18+.
Benefit: You may now apply the Weapon Finesse feat to any melee weapon that can be wielded in one hand.
Normal: Weapon Finesse can only be used on light weapons, rapier, whip or spiked chain.
Special: You may still use Weapon Finesse as normal for spiked chain or any other weapon that declares it can be used with Weapon Finesse.

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Post by goodmangames » Mon Jan 24, 2005 8:03 pm

Seath Darcstar wrote:FINESSE IN ALL THINGS [General, Fighter]
That's a cool idea for a feat.
Joseph Goodman
Goodman Games

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Tue Jan 25, 2005 11:42 pm

Higher praise than that i can't think of.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:07 pm


You command the respect of your enemies, whether they want to give it to you or not.
Prerequisite: Leadership.
Benefit: Whenever you make a Diplomacy or Intimidate check versus any single enemy that you have previously (or just) beaten in battle you may take 10 on the roll.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Thu Feb 03, 2005 8:52 pm

A nod to the borg.

Shifting Shield

[Evocation] Force
Level: Sor/Wiz 5
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One action
Range: Touch
Effect: Creature Touched
Duration: 10 rounds + 1 round per level.
Saving Throw: Yes (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)

This spell gives the creature touched a unique immunity to certain types of weapon damage. Whenever the target is struck by a weapon, the magic of this spell ‘remembers’ the damage and begins to counteract it. This slowly becomes a form of damage reduction that gets progressively larger throughout the battle.

Every time the target is successfully damaged by a weapon type (bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing) this magic reduces the effect of that type of weapon by one point when used against the target. This effect is cumulative.

This effect is not limited to strikes from the same weapon, but weapon types in general (three slashing attacks from three separate sword wielding orcs will give the spell's target damage reduction of 3 versus slashing when the fourth orc strikes.) This damage reduction can reduce the damage to 0, but not less, and it will not increase his resistance if the spell's target takes no damage.

IE: Hentora the mage is attacked by three warriors on the road and casts Shifting Shield on himself. One warrior uses a club and the other two have longswords. The club wielder swings and misses, but the first sword wielded hits and does 5 points of damage. Hentora takes the damage and now has damage reduction 1 versus slashing (normally damage reduction of a type indicates the type of damage that ignore the reduction, for the purpose of Shifting Shield this is reversed). The second sword wielder hits and rolls 6 points of damage, Hentora takes 5 points (thanks to the first sword hit giving her a DR of 1 VS slashing) and she now has DR of 2 VS slashing. In the second round the club wielder hits for 4 points of damage and Hentora now has a DR of 1 VS bludgeoning. The first sword wielder hits and rolls for 6 points of damage, Hentora takes 4 as she had a DR of 2 VS slashing at the start of round. Now she has a DR of 3 VS slashing and a DR of 1 VS bludgeoning. The second sword wielder swings and hits for 3 points of slashing, not good enough to penetrate the DR of 3 VS slashing Hentora is currently enjoying. Since she took no damage from this last strike the slashing DR does not increase.

If the spell is cast on the same target again, the damage reduction he has accumulated returns to 0 across the board.

Once this spell has reached the point where the target has DR of 5+ in two of the three damage types he gains the armor affect Light Fortification (see magic armor in DMG) even if he does not wear armor. Once the spell reaches DR of 10+ in two of the three damage types he gains the armor affect of Medium Fortification. Finally, if he has DR 15+ in two types thanks to this spell he gains the armor affect of Heavy Fortification.

Also, conjuration healing spells confuse the Shifting Shield spell and cause it to be as if it had been dispelled (a useful trick when a NPC figures out when some one is under the effect of Shifting Shield). This does not count healing from potions or wands.

Special: This spell may not be increased in duration through the use of a skill, metamagic feat, or any other spell.

Material Component: A specially made triangle shaped pendant of no less than 500 gold piece value. Each side of the pendant reparesent one of the three types of damage (piercing, bludgeoning, and slashing).

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Wed Feb 16, 2005 8:27 pm

Amplify Voice

Level: Brd 4
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: One action
Range: Personal
Effect: Self
Duration: 1 round per level

This Bard spell causes your voice to carry further and louder when you choose for it to. This has the benefit of increasing the range and effectiveness of certain spells and songs.

All save DCs made against your bard songs and a small list of your bard spells (see below) increases by one point per every four caster levels (to a maximum of five) while you are under the influence of this spell.

Furthermore, the range of the spells listed below are doubled while you have Amplify Voice running. Any bard music effect that has a range increment associated with it increases as well.

In addition to the above effects, each spell listed below gains further benefits thanks to Amplify Voice. Any increase to duration will continue even if the duration of Amplify Voice ends before the spell it had amplified does.

Ghost Sound: Volume levels have increased. Amount of volume that you can reproduce increase from equivalent of four normal humans per caster level to six normal humans per caster level.

Sculpt Sound: No sound to far. The gap between targets increase from 30 feet to 60

Shatter: Heavier notes. Object weight limit rises from 1 lb per level to 2 lbs per level.

Shout: More power, more damage. The called for #d6 becomes #d8 instead (rolling same number as before).

Shout, Greater: Even more power, so even more damage. As shout but also does +3d8 bonus damage.

Silence: [Special] This spell counters and can be countered by the Amplify Voice spell but is in no other way effected.

Song of Discord: Even more irritation. Those effected will even attack unconscious targets.

Sound burst: Bam! Ears hurting? Damage increases to 2d6 and radius of effect increases to 15 feet.

Suggestion: The spell echoes in the opponents ears. The duration of this spell doubles.

Suggestion, Mass: The spell carries through the crowd better now. The number of people that can be affect by the caster increases by one for every two levels of caster.

Sympathetic Vibration: Shake, rattle and roll. This spell now does and extra d6 damage to structure each round.

Ventriloquism: Further is better. Range of this spell goes from Close to Medium (but does not double further).

Zone of Silence: [Special] This spell cannot be used at the same time as amplify voice. If one is cast while the other is functioning the newly cast spell takes precedence and the older spell ends.

Other spells may be affected in unique ways (such as a cleric/bard casting Command) but these changes become DM’s discretion.

Material Component: A small cone shaped horn made of silver of a value of at least 50 GP.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Sun Mar 06, 2005 9:13 am

CAREFUL AIM [General, Fighter]

A steady hand may just beat a speedy one.
Prerequisite: Quickdraw, Improved Initiative, Proficiency with firearm, base attack +3 or higher.
Benefit: By conceding the usual +4 to his initiative roll that he gains from Improved Initiative a gun slinger can increase the damage he does with his firearm by slowing down and taking aim. Every attack that the gunman makes with a firearm during the first round of combat gains a +4 to the damage. The gunman must decide he is going to use this ability before rolling for initiative in the first round of combat.
Special: If your DM uses the roll every round for initiative variant rule, you may choose to use this feat at any round in combat, but once you have used it in a combat you cannot use it again.

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Post by Seath Darcstar » Sun Apr 10, 2005 8:20 am

GIFT OF GAB [General]

Oops, one of your fellow party members just said the wrong thing. Time to change the subject and divert the danger by using your Gift of Gab.
Prerequisite: 6+ ranks in perform, Bard 3rd level+
Benefit: With this ability, a bard can take control of a conversation and lead it from the dangerous topic it was on (such as, for example, the barbarian’s insult against the King’s son, or the cleric’s admission to worshipping an evil deity) and put it on an equally interesting topic (“Did you hear about the court of Delgotta moving troops into the valley of Ghij?”). This has the affect of making the listeners ‘forget’ about the previous topic and concentrate on the one the bard has just started. This does not mean that the NPCs cannot remember the first topic, but it makes the new topic the priority for conversation.

This effect has no specific duration. As the people who took part in the conversation go about their seperate ways, the only part of the conversation they’ll talk later was the bard’s topic. This is unless someone other than those effected by the Gift of Gab brings up the conversation that the bard switched topics from (whether intentionally, or a similar topic comes up in a later conversation and the NPC has a ‘now I remember’ moment). Once this occurs, those who had ‘forgotten’ the faux-pas conversation, and have been reminded of it, now remember it again.

This ability is a free action and requires the bard to expend one of her bardic music ability uses for the day. The bard can affect up to one person for every rank she has in Perform.

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