None the Wiser's turn at dungeon cartography...

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None the Wiser's turn at dungeon cartography...

Post by None the Wiser » Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:48 pm

So my gaming group has been playing through the official WotC published 4E adventures, and for the second module our DM drew all of the maps in MS Word because he's insane (and because he's a cheapskate :wink: :D )! But when he showed me a print-out of a water-feature room from the Pyramid of Shadows module he had attempted to render in MS Word, I finally lost it and said he should let me do all of the maps. He was using the wrong tools for the wrong job! Since it would save him quite a bit of time, he eventually relented, and so I've been pumping out dungeon maps left and right! The main stickler is that we play at half-inch scale and make all of our own counters and moster / power cards. So every map I've linked to here has been scaled at 1/2 inch = 5 feet / one square. Aside from that, if you were to print them at 200 percent, there would be some resolution loss, but it would be negligible (or at least it would be on a laser-jet printer).

I wouldn't have volunteered to make these maps if Fat Dragon Games hadn't recently released their Copper Dragon dungeon tiles at RPGnow! You will also see some Dunjinni freebies and the occasional Paizo scanned object. Most of the organic textures, however, were done entirely with Photoshop filters and layer effects. I now own my own Adobe Suite, so I can work on these in my spare time from home. Always remember: Photoshop can be used for both Good AND Evil. With great power comes great responsiblity. :twisted:

So without further ado, here is a sneek peek of None the Wiser's foray into the Pyramid of Shadows...Photoshop style: ... ound_1.jpg ... ound_2.jpg ... ound_3.jpg ... ound_4.jpg ... ound_5.jpg ... ound_S.jpg ... yard_1.jpg ... yard_2.jpg ... yard_3.jpg ... yard_4.jpg ... yard_S.jpg

The file names may change in the near future, so if the links stop working, I will either repost them, or (more likely) re-direct you to
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Re: None the Wiser's turn at dungeon cartography...

Post by JonHook » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:59 am

Wow. Those look great.

Great job.

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Re: None the Wiser's turn at dungeon cartography...

Post by ATOM » Sun Jun 21, 2009 4:22 am

Looking good! You have definately found your calling NtW! :D


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