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Extra Swag

Post by AMLopez »

I was just wondering... is there any way to obtain additional Road Crew Swag? I have just started running DCC at my FLGS and I would love to buy some of the class patches and DCC RPG patches (to have a stockpile of them) to give out to players as they join in. Also, I plan on running DCC at the SCARAB gaming convention (Columbia, SC) in January 2021, so it would be nice to have some swag there as well.

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Re: Extra Swag

Post by GnomeBoy »

You can absolutely get Road Crew swag in advance of your events, as long as you have them documented.

If you've got questions, Brendan's contact info is on the Road Crew page:

https://goodman-games.com/road-crew-lan ... tour-2020/
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