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by frankthedm
Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:15 pm
Forum: DCC RPG General
Topic: Designer's Blog #1: What It Is, And What It Isn't
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Re: Designer's Blog #1: What It Is, And What It Isn't

Streamlining is good. If the loss of flavorful skills is the cost to avoid cherry picked feats and PRCs, I'll take it. Sometimes I regret not cutting my loses after seeing 3E's Sword & Fist . And I'm really hoping for less Priest = Band Aid . Nothing wrong with Crusaders killing monsters in the dung...
by frankthedm
Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:55 am
Forum: Goodman Games General
Topic: America's Favorite Game Store
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Re: America's Favorite Game Store

Another +1 for Games plus! Games Plus 101 W. Prospect Ave. Mt. Prospect, IL Phone: 847-577-9656 Product selection: Unbelievably vast. Countless wargames, just about anything available in current RPG distribution channels and a lot of classic and homegrown products to boot....

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