Etherscope RPG Supplements

     Etherscope is a complete, stand-alone role playing game. The following supplements are available to expand your game - click on a cover to learn more:


Just a Delivery: Level 1 adventure. The heroes are asked to help deliver a package for an old private investigator. Finding the package requires investigation, intrigue, danger -- and a trip to etherspace!
The Lemurian Candidate: Level 4-6 adventure. What seems like a simple theft quickly spirals out of control, taking the characters to places -- and times -- that they never imagined existed!
Cinnamon Rose: Level 6 adventure. This excerpt from the softcover revised rulebook is available on a stand-alone basis for owners of the hardcover first printing.

Setting Material

The Great Metropolis: In a world where every city chokes on its own filth, one city showcases the extremes. Welcome to The Great Metropolis. Can you rise to become a hero in the city that is quintessentially Etherscope?


Upload: Etherpunk: This character upload is a must for any Etherscope player or GM. Update your character to the next iteration with new feats, advanced classes, and prestige classes.
Mysteries of the Occult: Master the occult! This revealing sourcebook sheds light on the secret societies and ancient mysteries of the Etherscope world.