Etherscope Resources

Official Forums

Visit the official Goodman Games Etherscope forums. 

Official Web Enhancements

  • Etherscope Character Sheet: A downloadable version of the character sheet printed in the back of the Etherscope core rulebook. Click here to download! (700K PDF)
  • Etherscope Errata: We’ve posted a few corrections to the core rulebook. Click here to download the errata.
  • Etherscope Maps: Here are PDF versions of the maps from the Etherscope core rulebook: Europe and the world.


Fan Material
  • Etherscope Expanded Character Sheet: From fan Ed Dorner (, this expanded character sheet has room for everything your character needs. Click here to download.
  • Fan Mailing List: Learn more about Etherscope, talk directly to the creators, and get advance previews! Join the Etherscope mailing list here. 
  • Design Blog: Etherscope co-creator Ben Redmond has put together a blog to discuss Etherscope design. Learn more about the game, how it's played, and where the inspiration came from! You can find the blog at the web site for Malladins Gate Press, creators of Etherscope. 
Fan Sites