DragonMech RPG Supplements

     DragonMech is a complete role playing game published under the 3.5 OGL rules. The following supplements are available to expand your game - click on a cover to learn more:


The Shardsfall Quest: A level 1 adventure that introduces your characters to DragonMech!

Setting Material

Second Age of Walkers: A hardback campaign setting that includes everything you need to know about the world of DragonMech.
Almanac of the Endless Traders: A gazetteer of the unexplored regions of the DragonMech world.
The Last City: A guide to the free city of Edge, one of the last remaining cities in DragonMech.

Character Sourcebooks

Steam Warriors: This player's guide to coglayers, steamborgs, and mech jockeys expands the range of character options in DragonMech.

Game Master Sourcebooks

Mech Manual: A “monster manual of mechs” that provides players with new options and GMs with new enemies.
Rumors & Lies: A licensed sourcebook from Ronin Arts.