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  • Character Sheets: Straight from the back of the DragonMech rulebook, here is a PDF download of the DragonMech character sheet. Click here to download (200K PDF). 
  • Mech Schematic Sheet: This handy schematic is great for tracking the stats of your mech. There are two versions: 
    • The Large One: A full-page schematic for large mechs with multiple crewmembers. Click here to download (104K PDF). 
    • The Small One: A smaller half-page schematic for smaller mechs. This is the same mech schematic sheet presented in the back of the Shardsfall Quest. Click here to download (150K PDF). 
  • Mech Stats Calculator: This Excel spreadsheet has a few simple inputs, then calcs the mech's stats from that. It still needs a little polishing, but is good enough to start with! Click here to download (47K Excel file). 
  • Gen Con Pregen Characters: These six characters were used to run DragonMech demos at Gen Con. There are two files: the stats (32K Word file) and a motives file (50K Word file). 
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