Goodman Games is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the creators of the hit Image comic book series Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer to publish an adventure module adaptation entitled The Adventures of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan. The adventure module will be published under the GSL license from Wizards of the Coast, utilizing the Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition mechanics. The full-color adventure module will feature cover art by Frank Frazetta as well as an alternate-cover edition by Nat Jones and Jay Fotos. It is scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

“Every fantasy fan knows Frank Frazetta’s work,” said Joseph Goodman, President of Goodman Games. “When I first saw Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer on the stands last year, I had to pick it up. It is a powerful story that’s beautifully illustrated, and it translates perfectly to the action of a D&D game.”

“This is cool,” said Jay Fotos, co-creator of the series. “Being able to play along on what we created in the comic series is another way for fans to be more immersed in the Frazettaverse.”

 “Frazatta’s works have never been equaled for their raw, visceral power,” said Harley Stroh, staff writer for Goodman Games and author of The Adventures of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan. “Many have tried to tell the story behind his most iconic character, but they’ve always fallen short. Jones and Fotos were the first to succeed. The Shadows of Mirahan adventures make it possible for players to experience the world of the Death Dealer, and – in a small way – live into Frazetta’s powerful images. This is ‘sword and sorcery’ at its finest.”

Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer was Image Comics’ #1 best-selling title in 2008, surpassing established brands to gain an instant fan base. Based on the Death Dealer character created by Frank Frazetta, and created by Jay Fotos, Nat Jones, and Joshua Ortega, the comic introduces a new world of shadowed mystery and dangerous adventures. Its success has led to several additional titles set in the same world of Mirahan. More information on the comic can be found at, as well as

Scheduled for release in Spring 2009, The Adventures of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan takes the players through the first chapter of the Death Dealer saga, bringing them face to face with the demonic armies of Mirahan as they race to save an empire.

Retailers will be able to order The Adventures of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan early next year under the Goodman Games listing as SKU code GMG5371.

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