Boxed Sets

Each of these boxed sets is packed with gaming goodness, offering a great value for the money.

Saga of the Dragon Cult: Level 1-10 adventure path. This new boxed set includes four adventure modules, and combines them into one comprehensive adventure path with the help of the included booklet!
The Heroes Arise: Level 1-10 campaign path. This new boxed set includes five adventure modules that take characters from level 1 to 10!
DCC #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings, Tournament Edition: This limited-edition tournament version presents everything needed to play a tournament in your own home! It includes miniatures, player packs, DM packs, and a new sequel adventure.
DCC #35: Gazetteer of the Known Realms: A complete campaign setting, this boxed set brings together the Dungeon Crawl Classics modules into one comprehensive world.
DCC #51: Castle Whiterock: Level 1-15 adventure. The 761-page megadungeon! This huge boxed set includes posters, handouts, character sheets, a gazetteer, and four big books of adventure!