Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex RPG Supplements

     Broncosaurus Rex is a complete role playing game published under the 3.5 OGL rules. The following supplements are available to expand your game - click on a cover to learn more:

Setting Material

Cretasus Adventure Guide: The dinosaur planet of Cretasus is far more mysterious than anyone fully expected. This world guide helps unlock its secrets. 
Complete Guide to Velociraptors: The most intelligent of all carnivorous dinosaurs, velociraptors are universally feared not only for their physical abilities but for their deadly cunning as well.
Complete Guide to T-Rex: T-rex dynasties rule the prehistoric world, their ancient Tyrant Kings fueling aging bodies through sheer willpower alone, while armies of younger T-rexes battle for their rightful inheritance.

Game Master Sourcebooks

Dinosaurs That Never Were: Stats and background for 50 dinosaurs that could have evolved on Earth -- but didn't. These "dinosaurs that never were" have diverged fantastically from their Earth ancestors.