Special Offer for Worldwide D&D Game Day

Get a free Critter Cache preview e-book with purchase of  Monstercology: Orcs or Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens on Worldwide D&D Game Day!
Worldwide D&D Game Day is organized by Wizards of the Coast on May 23, with hundreds of game stores nationwide participating. This special Goodman Games offer is valid for any purchase of Monstercology: Orcs or Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens made on Worldwide D&D Game Day. Simply fill out the special offer flyer and return with receipt to the address shown on the flyer with a copy of your receipt.

Monstercology: Orcs is the first in a series of master tomes that illuminates the strengths and weaknesses of the foes that prey upon the kingdoms of good. It arrives in stores the week of Worldwide D&D Game Day!

Blackdirge’s Dungeon Denizens features stats for more than 100 monstrous foes appropriate for dungeon encounters.

Critter Cache is a hardback monster resource coming in the fall from Goodman Games. For the preview e-book, you can choose from Big Bugs, Prehistoric Beasts, or Animals & Beasts. Each presents stats for more than twenty 4E creatures.