Special Offer for Worldwide D&D Game Day

Pre-order our new 4E magazine Level Up on Worldwide D&D Game Day this Saturday (March 21), and get entered in a drawing to win your own Free RPG Day!

Level up your 4E game! Level Up is the official 4E RPG magazine coming from Goodman Games in April. As a special offer available only on Worldwide D&D Game Day, you could win a private Free RPG Day for yourself and five friends if you pre-order this $1.99 magazine at your local game store!

Covering all things 4E, Level Up includes adventures, character options, new monsters, Azagarís Advice for Adventurers, and the endearing wisdom of Dear Archmage Abby. All for only $1.99!

The Free RPG Day prize includes six copies of every Free RPG Day release sent directly to the winner. Free RPG Day is June 20 and features unique freebies from Goodman Games, Wizards of the Coast, and others. For more info visit www.freerpgday.com.

Customers: To pre-order Level Up #1 and be entered in the drawing, download the pre-order form and give to your local store on  March 21, 2009 during Worldwide D&D Game Day.