The Last City

The Surface World is Wasted

With each rising moon comes the surface-blasting meteors of the lunar rain, destroying everything living below. All the major cities of DragonMech are reduced to rubble -- except for one. The free city of Edge, carved into the solid rock of a 2,000-foot tall cliff, still stands under the protective wall of its cliff face.

One City Still Stands

Built into a natural cavern above a towering waterfall, Edge is the world's busiest trade port. An ancient river flowing from the heart of the underdeep divides the cavern in two. Each bank is a city unto itself -- as is the nearby cliff-dweller settlement. No government has ever united these disparate populations. Will the rising mechdoms claim this merchant jewel? Or will Edge remain a rough-and-tumble frontier town like it's always been?

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Writers: Lee Hammock, Matt Sprengeler, Christina Stiles, Patrick Younts 
Developer: Matt Sprengeler 
Art Director and Graphic Designer: Shane Hartley 
Editor: Ken Hart 
Produced in cooperation with Sword & Sorcery Studios, a division of White Wolf 

WW17605, 128 pages, $21.99

Prepare to enter the last city!

Protected by its sheer cliff, the cave-based city of Edge was affected less by the lunar rain than anywhere else.

Edge: a place where almost anything can be bought or sold.

Bethena "Ma" Stonefoller, head of the Stairkeepers guild.

Mech ball, a deadly sport and prime attraction of the annual Low Water Festival

Nardigrum, a very old but very impressive guardian mech of Edge

Understairing: a popular (and dangerous) sport in Edge