Second Age of Walkers

Giant Mechs Walk The Earth

An age of destruction paved the way for the Second Age of Walkers. Life in DragonMech depends on the gigantic mechanized walkers that provide safety, shelter, and transportation. Behold a world reshaped by the mech!

A Fantasy World Unlike Any Other

This hardcover campaign sourcebook offers the first detailed look at the world of DragonMech. Learn about the autocratic Stenian Confederacy, the mysterious Irontooth Clans, the ambitious Legion, and the ephemeral L'arile Nation, including new feats, mechs, and classes that allow you to personalize characters from those factions. Along the way, find your own answers to the mysteries of the Gearwrights Guild: Was there really a First Age of Walkers before the dawn of magic?

Designed for use with DragonMech, Second Age of Walkers includes: 

  • A comprehensive look at the four major factions shaping the world of DragonMech, including maps of their territory, descriptions of major personalities, and gazetteers of three important city-mechs: Durgan-lok, the first city-mech ever built; Haven, the human city-mech that threatens dwarven dominance; and Tannanliel, the reclusive magic-fueled city-mech of the elves 
  • Everything a GM needs to shape adventures around the major themes of each faction: the Stenian military, the itinerant human tribes that now make up the Legion, the myriad individual clans of the Irontooth, of which 10 are examined in detail; and the strange magical secrets of the elves and their well-protected forests 
  • Stats for dozens of important NPCs, including Shar Thizdic, Tannan, and the most notorious of the Irontooth raiders 
  • Everything a player need to build characters from each of the major factions, including 5 new prestige classes, a new core class variant, and 49 new feats, organized according to the faction in which they originate 
  • 56 new spells, including the magic used by the Irontooth to steal spirits and bind them to mechs, the agricultural magic of the Legion tribes, and the mech-augmenting spells of the elves 
  • And more: rules and background for mechanical sculpture; details on the inner workings of the Gearwrights Guild; background on the dwarven clans; rules for spirit-powered mechs and the shintaji spirit-stealers of the Irontooth; new equipment; 13 new mechs (not counting the city-mechs); and more! 

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • The Stenian Confederacy: This 15-page excerpt from Second Age of Walkers showcases the beginning of the chapter on the Stenian Confederacy, covering detailed information needed to run a campaign there. Click here to download (1.9 MB PDF). 
  • EN World Staff Review: 4 stars. "The 2nd Age of Walkers isn't the last word on Dragonmech. There are too many other interesting areas to explore. However, for those looking to expand their understanding of the core four factions and see examples of how they may want to create their own Irontooth Clans or see how the Legion works, this book is a great sourcebook." 
  • Gaming Report: 4-1/2 stars. "It's worth it. If you're the type of gamer who loves an endlessly interesting world to play with; save your pennies and trek on down to your gaming shop. Especially if you're a GM. You'll have adventure ideas poring out within an hour." 
Errata: Section 15 of the open gaming license on page 188 of Second Age of Walkers should also credit "Corwyl: Village of the Wood Elves Copyright 2004, Green Ronin Publishing; Authors Christina Stiles and Patrick Sweeney." 

Writers: Neal Gamache, F. Wesley Schneider, Andrew N. Smith, Matt Sprengeler, and Christina Stiles 
Developer: Joseph Goodman 
Art Director and Graphic Designer: Shane Hartley 
Cover Artist: Grey Thornberry 
Interior Artists: Artists: Kian Chai NG, Kari Christensen, Nick Greenwood, Liz Harper, Brad McDevitt, Grey Thornberry, Alex Sheikman 
Editor: Ken Hart 
Produced in cooperation with Sword & Sorcery Studios, a division of White Wolf 

WW17603, 192 pages, hardback, $29.99 

Citizens of the Legion board a city-mech for the first time.

Beware the steamborg! Three of the NPCs your characters may meet while traversing Highpoint.

A guild hall in Duerok.

Mech jockeys from across the continent: a DragonMech pilot from the Stenian Confederacy, and a Hereal Ranger from the L'arile Nation.

Two of the vicious mech innovations of the elves: the Black Rose, designed to poison an organic opponent with its numerous envenomed spikes...

...and one of the eight Runemechs, which use permanently grafted magical symbols to destroy their opponents.

Two Legion mechs take down a lunar dragon.

Rust riders haunt a mech junkyard, ready for an ambush.

An Irontooth spirit mech, powered by the summoned spirit of legendary martial artist Manxia Guorishi