Mech Manual

Mechs for Enemies and Allies

Survival in DragonMech requires a hard metal shell powered by a loud engine. But it's not enough to beat the other mechs: you also have to survive wizards throwing fireballs! This is the definitive guide to the smoke-belching steampunk mechs, nimble clockwork lancers, slave-driven galley-riders, magical elven tree-walkers, and grotesque necromechs that every mech jockey has to be prepared to pilot - or fight.

A New Kind of Fantasy Warrior

This "monster manual of mechs" provides players with new options and DMs with new enemies. There are 59 new mechs from every major faction, plus new mech gear and construction options. In non-DragonMech fantasy worlds, the mechs can be used as deadly constructs or animated golems. 

Designed for use with DragonMech, The Mech Manual includes: 

  • 59 new mechs from the Stenian Confederacy, Legion, Irontooth Clans, and elven nations, as well as orc tribes, unaffiliated undead mechs, and other factions 
  • New mechs from the mysterious underdeep races: drow mechs, derro mechs, even an aboleth mech 
  • 12 new monsters for mech-related campaigns 
  • Intelligent mechs, haunted mechs, and other unique mechs that showcase the range of adventures mechs can provide 
  • New feats, new spells, and new mech weapons for use in your DragonMech game. 

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Unique Mechs: Click here for a 10-page preview of the Mech Manual, showcasing several unique mechs including the aboleth brine worm! (864K PDF)
  • Gaming Report: 4-1/2 stars. "It's worth it. If you're the type of gamer who loves an endlessly interesting world to play with; save your pennies and trek on down to your gaming shop. Especially if you're a GM. You'll have adventure ideas poring out within an hour." 
  • EN World: 4 stars. "The Mech Manual helps flesh out the Dragonmech world even as it provides new options to the GM in terms of machines and monsters to challenge his players with." 
  • RPG Now fan review: 5 stars. “The Mech Manual will not only fire up your imagination but you will find all the detail you could want.”
Writers: F. Wesley Schneider and Matt Sprengeler 
Developer: Joseph Goodman 
Art Director: Andy Hopp 
Cover Artist: Jeff Carlisle 
Interior Artists: Jeff Carlisle, Brad McDevitt, Liz Harper, Noel Murphy, Eric Roman, Grey Thornberry 
Editor: Ken Hart 
Produced in cooperation with Sword & Sorcery Studios, a division of White Wolf 

WW17602, 128 pages, $21.99 

The Iron Choir, a mech that channels the power of the gods

The Judge, a Stenian enforcer mech

The Kabuto, the closest thing the Irontooth Clans have to a city-mech

Ashigaru, Irontooth training and dueling armor

Gore Dog, an orc raiding mech

Defender, a.k.a. Tindertwig, an early Legion model constructed of wood (and quite flammable!)

Jeweltree, an elven mech with magical gemstones woven into its bark

Home, formerly Hornet, now occupied by a mech tribe

The Brine Worm, an aboleth mech

The Sylvan Revenger, a druidic mech with an agenda

Sharlorn, the Necropolis, a necromantic city-mech