The Shardsfall Quest

You Can Save The Planet

A moon meteor streaks from the sky, shattering into multiple pieces as it enters the atmosphere. On each shard is part of a mysterious temple dedicated to a lunar god. You must locate all the temple fragments before whatever's inside can spread. But the fragments are spread over a wide area - and you're not the only one looking for them...

But Only Your Mech Can Save You

This DragonMech adventure introduces players to the basic concepts, factions, and rules of DragonMech. Over the adventure's four episodes, characters encounter the world's three largest powers (the Stenian Confederacy, Legion, and Irontooth Clans), and are introduced to the game's major themes of mechs and lunar invasion. 

Designed for use with DragonMech, The Shardsfall Quest includes: 

  • A complete adventure that introduces players to the world of DragonMech, including the Stenian Confederacy, the Legion, lunar creatures, and the Irontooth Clans. 
  • The full legend of the starshards, ancient and powerful artifacts of prophecy that could bring peace to the world. 
  • New feats, new mechs, and new creatures for use in your DragonMech game. 

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • EN World, staff reviewer Joe G. Kushner: 4 stars. "The adventure hits all the points it needs to and it doesn't push the characters into a long dungeoncrawl where the only differences between the settings would be the monsters. By allowing the players to interact with the different factions and test their mechs in combat situations that shouldn't be lethal, the author allows even standard characters that don't take full advantage of the Dragonmech setting elements to thrive... If you want to see how a Dragonmech adventure should start, Shadsfal Quest is almost a textbook example of what elements to include. " 
  • Silven Crossroads: "The Shardsfall Quest has the looks and the brains of the best d20 adventure that I've laid eyes on to date. That's right, I'm calling you all crazy if this adventure is submitted for nomination for the 2005 ENnies and you, the judges and readers, don't give it the gold. There's nothing revolutionary about the adventure--it is simply very well produced, has great pacing, and is the first long adventure I've been able to read from cover to cover without falling asleep. This book is a real treat, check it out." 
Writer: Joseph Goodman 
Art Director: Sean Glenn 
Cover Artist: Niklas Janssen 
Interior Artist: Jeff Carlisle 
Graphic Designer: Rick Achberger 
Produced in cooperation with Sword & Sorcery Studios, a division of White Wolf 

WW17601, 72 pages, $15.99

Look -- a lunar asteroid has fallen from the sky, and there appears to be something inside it!

Uh oh. These lunar monsters are nasty!

Just when it looked like we'd cleared out the lunar temple, the mechs showed up...