Emperor's Cup 4700

An Adventure for 12th Level Characters

For Honor. 

For Glory. 

For Money. 

For lots and lots of money... 

There is only one championship in the world of Xcrawl: The Emperorís Cup. To win it is to become an instant champion and the idol of millions. 

But winning isnít easy. In fact, surviving isnít easy. Your team has fought its way to the top of the ranks, and made a name for itself, but this is the final goal. The ultimate challenge. 

Are you up to the task? 

Do you have game? 

Remember, this isnít some local crawl. This isnít even one of the big crawls on tour. This is The Final Crawl. The biggest crawl. 

And if you die...you may never forgive yourself. 


Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • Nominee, Best Adventure, 2004 Gen Con ENnie Awards
Published in cooperation with Pandahead Publishing.

GMGP1005, 96 pages, $14.95