Dungeon Crawl Classics:
Saga of the Rat King

An Adventure for Character Levels 1-6

One of the most notorious villains returns in this long-await compilation! The Rat King and his progeny have brought danger to the town of Silverton. First, in Idylls of the Rat King, the heroes must explore an abandoned silver mine to put down threats to local caravans. A new bridging adventure, The Scourge of Silverton, then leads them into new dangers, where they eventually face The Revenge of the Rat King! This series of three adventures will take newborn heroes to approximately sixth level.

This adventure module was designed exclusively for Gen Con 2008. It will be available in limited quantities following the convention from Noble Knight Games.

Rules Set: 1E.


  • RPG Resource: “Taken as a whole, this is almost a mini-campaign which, while aimed at low-level characters, should prove a worthy challenge, combining a strong plot with traditional dungeon crawling, plenty of monsters to fight but a chance to exercise the mind as well as the sword arm!”
Related Products: Writers: Jeff Quinn, Harley Stroh, and Jon Hershberger
1E Rules Conversion: Jon Hershberger
Cover Art: Jeff Dee
Editor: Ken Hart

GMGGC08, 64 pages, $15.99