Dungeon Crawl Classics:
Punjar: The Tarnished Jewel

A Gazetteer of the Wicked City of Punjar


Throughout the Known World, no city is half so notorious. Blackened by fire, soiled by pestilence, and scarred by war, its sandy collection of spiderwebbed tenements and rat-ridden bazaars have birthed some of the worst rogues and villains to ever stalk the storied thrones of the north.

But Punjar is also a city of chance and adventure, where fortunes are won in a night and lost before dawn. Where gems glint and flare in the lamplight, the might of magic knows no bounds, and a warrior's quick blade and shirt of mail are his best defense.

So loosen your sword, keep a hand on your coin pouch, and take these first steps into its shadowy, torch-lit streets. A black mist is rolling in off the salt marsh, and the ancient city beckons...

Welcome to Punjar, The Tarnished Jewel!

This module was released for free as part of Free RPG Day 2008

Rules Set: 4th edition.

Áereth Map Grid: MM8.


Related Products: Writer: Harley Stroh 
Cover Artist: Eric Lofgren 
Art Director: Jim Pinto 
Cartographer: Jeremy Simmons 

Free RPG Day 2008, 16 pages, free