Dungeon Crawl Classics #C9:
Tomb of the Blind God

A Level 8 Adventure

A fiendish grell and its grimlock minions have plumbed the secrets of an ancient tomb, rumored to be a reliquary of the blind, exiled god Shargathor. They require only the blood of the innocent and a moonless night to gain possession of a terrible artifact and unleash the power of eldritch gods on an unsuspecting world. Now a moonless night draws near, and the heroes learn that a young girl has disappeared from the nearby town of Irondawn. Can they save her before she is sacrificed to the Old Ones in the dreaded Tomb of the Blind God?

This adventure was a con special released at a variety of conventions in 2009.

Convention covers:
DunDraCon 2009
Gen Con 2009
GenghisCon 2009
North Texas RPG Con
D&D Experience 2009, version A
D&D Experience 2009, version B
Troll & Toad exclusive cover


Rules Set: 4E

Writer: Aeryn “Blackdirge” Rudel
Cover Art: Ben Wootten or Erol Otus
Interior Art: Doug Kovacs

GMGC9, various versions