EN World Player's Journal #4

A gaming magazine for the fans, by the fans, and of the fans. The EN World Player's Journal features no news, no reviews, and no excerpts or previews. It contains all original articles focused on the one thing you want: usable gaming material. Each issue includes numerous contributions from fans of the EN World community, rounded out by articles from professional publishers. The fourth issue's table of contents is as follows:

  • Lesser Races of the Wilderlands, and Ancient Tomes and Books of Magic, both articles for use with the Wilderlands setting from Necromancer Games
  • Sons of the Seas, full Book of the Righteous descriptions of the pirate gods of Freeport
  • Faith and Lies, about the unusual forms of religion in Morningstar, including rules for clerics who create astral images to effectively worship themselves
  • Rapier Wit, rules for employing the art of conversation to deadly effect (and making Charisma matter)
  • Lyceum Spell Dueling, or how to win a spell duel: rules for bluffing to fool your opponent's Spellcraft check when he tries to counterspell you, and more
  • The Adventurer's Guide to Surviving Anything IV: fighting creatures too big for you; and the fey realms
  • Weapon Finesse, simplified combat rules
  • Christian Walker's Iron Rations mini-zine
  • Dvestri High Dwarves, a new race for your fantasy game
  • Butterboar's Barrels: magic barrels!
  • The Ghostbrand Sword
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics #4.5: My Friend the Formian
  • Tracking: it's more than "Hey! Dey went dattaway!"
  • Modern magical items

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

64 pages, $5.00.