EN World Player's Journal #3

A gaming magazine for the fans, by the fans, and of the fans. The EN World Player's Journal features no news, no reviews, and no excerpts or previews. It contains all original articles focused on the one thing you want: usable gaming material. Each issue includes numerous contributions from fans of the EN World community, rounded out by articles from professional publishers. The third issue's table of contents is as follows:

  • Arcane Technology: exotic magic items for your campaign
  • The Joy of Summoning: creative uses for summoning spells
  • Devon the Ray's Spellbooks: the many varied ray spells of the famous Devon
  • Piety: an introductory adventure for Morningstar
  • Houses of the Haughty: five noble houses for use in any campaign (complements Green Ronin's Noble's Handbook)
  • The Adventurer's Guide to Surviving Anything III: rowboats, canoes, and rafts; and the gears of a colossal clocktower
  • A Kiss of Ivory and Crimson: the world of the blood angels
  • Fantasy Reputation: complete rules for a d20 reputation system
  • Faerie Rings: magical gates formed by clusters of mushrooms beloved by faeries
  • Fey Stones and Faerie Philtres: magic items of the faeries
  • Creating a Martial Arts Campaign: how to tweak the rules to give your world a tangible sense of the martial arts
  • Unholy Days: festivals of evil gods
  • Dubious Detections: new options for alignment detection in d20 games
  • Character Goals: rounding out your character with unique goals
  • Origins Con Report and ENnies recap

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

64 pages, $5.00.