EN World Player's Journal #1

A gaming magazine for the fans, by the fans, and of the fans. The EN World Player's Journal features no news, no reviews, and no excerpts or previews. It's all original material focused on the one thing you want: usable gaming material. Each issue includes numerous contributions from fans of the EN World community, rounded out by articles from professional publishers. The first issue's table of contents is as follows:

  • EN World: A Community of Gamers
  • Drinking Rules
  • The Consequences of Vice (Freeport adventure from Green Ronin Publishing)
  • Disgusting Little Buggers (low level encounters)
  • Cave Elves: Devolving Fantasy Creatures (from Goodman Games)
  • Kezmarin (a Wanderers Guild monster from Goodman Games)
  • Ambience Events (sensory events in the dungeon environment)
  • No Wood? No Metal? No Problem! (aquatic materials for weapons and armor)
  • Extended Alchemy (expanded alchemy rules)
  • Loaded Dice (cartoons)
  • Skyships and Airmen (airships from Bastion Press)
  • The Adventurer's Guide to Surviving Anything (rules for combat on sailing ships, gypsy camps, and carriage chases)
  • Two of Blades (prestige classes based on luck and fortune)
  • The Trader's Den (drop-in location)
  • Targ Ak'ala Beng (goblin fortress from Mystic Eye Games)

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.


  • GamingReport.com: 4 1/2 stars. "There is one chief advantage to the magazine not being glossy: The price is modestly lower than corresponding glossy periodicals. This is a nice bonus on top of the excellent selection of high quality fan items. Definitely take a look at this journal. It is just full of ideas."

64 pages, $5.00.