Ubo Gutrot, Dwarf Barbarian

The surly dwarf known as Ubo Gutrot has a long and storied past - one he's not likely to share with you until he's seen how you handle yourself in battle. Ubo is as thick as a tree stump, and some would argue not quite as bright. His face and arms are heavily scarred from endless years of fighting for survival in the wilds or raising his sword to service of those he deems worthy. While it may be difficult to earn Ubo Gutrot's trust, once gained it is even more difficult to lose - Ubo is willing to die for those he considers friends, and has risked his own life countless times to help those he trusts.

A thick matt of greasy hair sits atop his wide, flat head - once remarked to look like an anvil by a boisterous drunkard (who soon realized just how hard-headed Ubo could be, much to the drunkard's chagrin). Several simple rings adorn Ubo's nose and ears, with more intricate rings and jewelry woven into his thick, shaggy moustaches and beard. A large tattoo of a cat's eye covers the back of each of his gnarled hands, which Ubo swear help him sense danger a split second earlier than his comrades - and the dwarf's uncanny reactions quell any thoughts otherwise.

Ubo prides himself on his unusual armor - made from the thick, calloused hide of a dire rhinoceros he slew with naught but a simple handaxe, to hear him tell the tale. He swears the moon and stars bore witness to his great feat, and blessed him with a hide that was near impenetrable, and which bore a portion of the rhinoceros' own fury. His favorite tactic in combat is much like that of the animal whose hide he wears - charge into the heart of the fray. Once there, let lay a swath of deadly steel among his enemies.

And deadly steel it truly is. The greatsword Ubo Gutrot wields is a massive weapon with wicked barbed serrations and numerous blood channels forged along its blade. No one knows how the sword came to earn its name Forsaken, nor how the sword came into Ubo's possession. Of all his exploits and adventures, which can be bribed from the dwarf with sizeable amounts of strong ale, the tale of his Forsaken blade is one he has yet to share.

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Sculptor: Jason Wiebe
Painter: Laszlo Jakusovszky