Loros Truebow, Human Ranger/Cleric

Loros began his adventuring career a bit later than most. The son of a minor trade merchant, Loros grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, and never wanted for food, finery or entertainment. Upon reaching his twenty third nameday, his father realized that Loros would never take over the family business. Seeking to find balance and purpose, Loros entered the holy orders and became a cleric. While Loros excelled at his studies, he grew restless in the confines of the temple grounds.

Seeing that wanderlust had struck him fiercely, Loros' superiors opened to him a new path - the study and worship of the manifold aspects of the great outdoors, the thrill of the journey. As Loros' eager mind embraced these teachings, he soon found that training as a ranger meshed well with his religious upbringing. But Loros soon found that life beyond the temples and cities was not as coddling and soft as Loros had so foolishly thought, and the young man's education to the real world was blunt and harsh.

But Loros perservered, and eventually grew to love the outdoors. He never felt as at home anywhere as he did in the midsts of the great forests of the realm. He was a quick study with a bow, and became an excellent tracker, as well. Loros soon found reliable employment - and perhaps his true calling - as an escort guiding clergy between holy sites secreted within the heart of the forest. But the forest was thick with dangers, and one day his charges were accosted by a pride of krenshar and a pair of wild owlbears.

Despite Loros' impressive skills with the bow, the acolytes were overcome. Loros himself took serious wounds, but was able to drive the beasts off. Loros dragged himself to the shrine that had been their destination. He collapsed within the sanctuary, exhausted, whispering prayers to gods he had relied upon during his time with the church. When he awoke, Loros Truebow found himself whole and unmarked, save for a newfound perspective on life and an awakening to a source of strength deep within his soul. Ever since that encounter, Loros has striven to find balance between his study and devotion to both religious matters and the laws of nature.

Now Loros travels the realm, savoring freedom. His attitude and decisions may seem chaotic or unpredictable, but Loros has always been one to rely on his luck as well as his aim. Loros is laid back and pleasant, but usually keeps to himself and offers opinions only when they are sought. He is far more at ease in wide open spaces, especially out of doors, and becomes anxious and impatient when cramped in close quarters.

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Sculptor: Jason Wiebe
Painter: Laszlo Jakusovszky