Ynnen "Chitter-Chatter," Kobold Rogue/Ranger

While most of the party members don't completely trust their kobold guide, they can't deny the small creature's formidable skills. While the kobold introduces himself as Ynnenarcturas, descendent of the True Dragons, others have gone to calling him "Chitter Chatter" for the near endless stream of barely audible mumbling that issues from the kobold's mouth. Ynnen is always lost in private conversations with himself. The kobold also has the annoying habit of clicking and scraping his teeth when he talks, which unnerves some people when they see the rogues' sharp teeth.

Even for a kobold, Ynnen is small and wiry. His wide flat scales are a deep brown. The tip of his left ear is missing, a constant reminder of his careless youth. Despite the kobold's impatience and hyperactive nature most of the time, he has learned his lesson and is meticulous when it comes to searching for traps or other hidden dangers. Ynnen's recklessness in the past proved beyond a doubt that what you don't know certainly can kill you.

Ynnen is an unending supply of energy, but tends not to be very extroverted or gregarious. The stigma others place on him for being a kobold is bothersome, but Ynnen has learned to accept it after a fashion - after all, he doesn't trust humans or elves much himself. The long journey to reach the entrance to the Vault has already garnered more than its fare share of unwanted attention and mistrust, and Ynnen has serious doubts any of his newfound "allies" would come rushing to his aid should some hazard befall him.

His enthusiasm for adventure and the promises of riches are tempered only by his instinct of self-preservation. He yearns to find some clues to the history of dragonkind and his own family's bloodline. While he takes his role as a guide and trailblazer quite seriously, there is never a question about his most important task - protect his own scales. Despite his skill at keeping the rest of the party alive, he can't help but feel the others see the diminutive kobold as "expendable."

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Sculptor: Kevin Chenevert
Painter: Laszlo Jakusovszky