Glyn Trollbane, Human Sorcerer

Those unused to Glyn Trollbane's taciturn, stoic manner may find him callous and cold, but that is hardly how those who have come to trust his counsel would define the steely sorcerer. Calculating, direct, brutally honest and unwaveringly straightforward would be more appropriate. Despite his youth, Glyn Trollbane is already a formidable sorcerer, manipulating the raw power of arcane magic many of his more esteemed wizard counterparts could only dream of. And with such power, comes dreadful knowledge of how that very power manipulates, corrupts and destroys.

Several of Glyn's traveling companions say the young mage has an "old man's soul" and the savvy presence and experience of a veteran twice his age. His chiseled features and commanding voice provide sound wisdom, calculated advice and objective observations. Glyn is not one to use flowery language or wax philosophic about mundane affairs - he has no time to mince words. His mind is set to contemplate higher things.

Glyn Trollbane does cut an imposing figure. His frame is lean and short for a human, but Glyn's handsome bearing and piercing gaze are captivating. A large, milk-white scar traces a wicked path along his jaw line. While the scar would prove a terrible flaw to some, it adds an air of command and resolve to Glyn Trollbane's otherwise pleasant features.

The scar is a constant reminder of the encounter in which Glyn earned his adopted surname, Trollbane. Just a few short years ago, a small band of trolls began to terrorize a fishing village called Shyette. None stirred to aid the besieged village, but Glyn realized the impact this seemingly insignificant fishing community had on its neighbors. When not even the sellswords would respond to Glyn's pleas or gold, the young sorcerer went to Shyette himself. Few know the true details of what happened, save for Glyn single-handedly defeating five trolls. Tales of his bravery and derring-do swelled, and the name Trollbane started to appear in the bard's songs of his deeds.

The true tale is one that Glyn will never repeat. The exaggerated tales of bauds and performers only tell part of the story. Glyn Dewys entered Shyette and a fierce battle raged, to be certain. But Glyn Trollbane is the one who emerged from the encounter. Something dire happened in Shyette, something Glyn Trollbane will not speak of.

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Sculptor: Jason Wiebe
Painter: Laszlo Jakusovszky