Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes:
Song of the Blade

An Adventure for 1st-Level Characters

Welcome to Iron Heroes! You are about to enter a world where skill, cunning, and tactics are far more useful than a +3 sword. The perils your characters face here can only be overcome with steady nerves and cold steel. Mysterious relics from an inhuman race have been found in the forest, and with them come great danger. From giant spiders to corrupted cultists and dreaded alien races, strange menaces abound. If the innocent are to be saved, if the treasure is to be won, if the monsters are to be slain, the situation demands -- iron heroes.

Song of the Blade is an introductory Iron Heroes module that takes a group of four beginning PCs to approximately 4th level. Along the way they become familiar with the town of Axenbough, as well as the nearby Meanderwood Forest and perhaps the foothills of the Godsfang Mountains. Axenbough is a cheerful community on the surface, reaping the bounty of the forest, but a vile presence is beginning to make itself felt. A spidery race called the Aatarkhop ruled this land eons ago. Now the actions of a few heedless cultists are calling the wicked arachnoids from their slumber.


  • The first published adventure for Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes, showing beginning players how to guide their characters through this action-packed world
  • An adventure designed to highlight the new rules variants of Iron Heroes, including combat locations designed for amazing stunts
  • Two new monsters for your Iron Heroes campaign

Rules Set: Iron Heroes.


  • Check out these full-color versions of the beautiful maps from Iron Heroes: Song of the Blade. You can download them here. (3.3MB zipped PDF)


  • EN World: 4 stars. "It's a pretty good module... Iron Heroes is designed for action, and Song of the Blade delivers plenty of it."

Produced under license from Malhavoc Press.

Writer: Matt Sprengeler
Cover Artist: Jim Pavelec
Interior Artists: Ilya Astrakhan, Kennon James, Brad McDevitt, Lee Anne Seed, Grey Thornberry
Editor: John Cooper

GMG5500, 64 pages, $15.99.

Do you have what it takes to be an iron hero?

Only heroism (and cool stunts) can save the day!

Strut your skills in dangerous sawmills...

...and crowded crypts!