The Adventures of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer

A Level 7-9 Adventure

Death stalks the lands of Iparsia.

Mirahan, Destroyer of Worlds, is reborn, unleashing an army of undead warriors. Citadels fall beneath the march of iron and entire kingdoms are laid to waste. The hope for salvation rests on an unlikely band of heroes discovering the ancient secret of the Druids:

The Death Dealer.

An epic adventure of dark fantasy, magic, and horror, Shadows of Mirahan brings the savage world of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer to life with setting details, rules variants like critical hit tables, and pre-generated characters. When the armies of good have all fallen, and the last citadel burns in the night, will your heroes have the courage to rise against the shadows of Mirahan? 


  • PDF Preview: Check out this 13-page preview of the first encounter areas in Shadows of Mirahan!
  • Neuroglyph Games: "It is a very well written and executed adventure, with stunning artwork, and a compelling storyline. The encounters and creatures are well-designed, and will provide plenty of challenge to D&D 4e players."
  • Living Dice: “The bottom line: This is a must-have 4E product.  If you can’t find someone to run this adventure for you, you need to run this for someone.”
  • Flames Rising: “If your 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons group are fans of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer or of the Image Comics miniseries, then this adventure would probably be a good one-shot to play in between larger campaigns, especially at a $10 price point.”
  • EN World Fan Review: “Overall this adventure will prove a fairly difficult challenge to a party. The additional rules in play suitably evoke the feel of both the Death Dealer comics and the sword and sorcery genre. The level of difficulty I feel is a great asset to this adventure and models well the gritty and desperate nature of the the world of the Death Dealer.”
  • RPGNow fan review: “Classic sword and sorcery. Goodman Games has done a very good job of translating the six-issue mini-series from Image Comics into a 4th-edition adventure. No, you don't get to play the Death Dealer, but you do play the adventurers who ultimately allow him to enter the world.”
  • Realms of Fantasy: “Death Dealer: Shadows of Mirahan is a great adventure and, at a suggested retail price of only $9.99, a definite bargain for the gaming group looking for a little fun.”
  • “There are two things about this product that really push it over the edge for me. First, it is $9.99. In this day and age of $50 hardback games, it is a relief to see at least one game company trying to go the other way… Additionally, there is a coupon code on page two, good for downloading the PDF version of Death Dealer for free, normally $7.99.”
  • 20x20 Room: “Really, there’s no weak part in this, as nearly as I can tell, and its best parts are really, really good indeed. This is the kind of adventure that fulfills the promise of gaming like the stories I was grooving on in a way that very little gaming ever has. Check it out!”
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Writer: Harley Stroh
Cover Artist: Frank Frazetta

Death Dealer is a creation of Frank Frazetta. All other characters and story created by Jay Fotos, Nat Jones, and Joshua Ortega.

GMG5371, 96 pages, $9.99