In Search Of Adventure

A Collection of Six Level 1 Adventures

Whether you are looking for a quick one-shot game, or are in searching for the perfect adventure to kick off your new 4E campaign, In Search of Adventure delivers.  Collected for the first time: six all new adventures by some of the brightest writers of the new edition! From the ancient temples of a forgotten snake god, to the maddening maze of an exiled fey, this collection is will test even the most cunning and courageous of heroes. 

If you're looking for great adventures, deadly foes and cunning puzzles, look no further. The Search Is Over! 


  • EN World Staff Review: 4 stars. “The final word is that, if you’re looking to game now with little or no prep work, you’re interested in diving headlong into 4E’s combat system, and you want just enough flare to keep the game interesting, then you’re likely to find “In Search of Adventure” to be for you.”
  • RPG Now Staff Review: 5 stars. “The strength in this product is that it does a splendid job of creating good first level adventures, particularly for new players or players new to the system.”
  • Flames Rising: 3.5 stars. “This is a sold, workmanlike product. While the adventures aren’t destined to be classic by any stretch they’re a perfect introduction to the game and a good start for new adventurers.”
  • EN World Staff Review: 4 stars. “If you’re looking for a collection of adventures that can be quickly prepped and act as a great starting point for your own campaigns, In Search of Adventure is for you.”
  • The Tome Show: Listen as the Tome Show reviews an assortment of Goodman Games products, including this one.

Rules Set: 4E (GSL).

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Developer: Harley Stroh
Writers: Mike Ferguson, Andrew Hind, Ruth Lampi, Ross Payton, Eric Rodriguez, Aeryn "Blackdirge" Rudel
Cover Art: Ben Wooten

GMG5350, 112 pages, $19.99