Dungeon Crawl Classics #48
The Adventure Continues

An Adventure Compilation for Character Levels 4-6

Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics adventures don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you remember, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere.

The adventure continues! This compilation of all-new 4th-level adventures is especially designed to continue new campaigns. They're perfect sequels to DCC #29: The Adventure Begins, or any other level 1-3 adventures. Written by experienced adventure authors, these stand-alone modules will challenge your heroes with feral elves, undead fiddlers, evil fey, dreamscape nightmares, ghostly Neanderthals -- and more!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Áereth Map Grid:

  • Madness at the Mutilated Oak: TM13 (southeast of Cillamar).
  • Ghosts of the Mastodon Clan: MM4.
  • Heroes' End: TM15.
  • Tide of Evil: MM8 (southeast of Punjar).
  • Mistfall: MM3 (south of Stagdale).
  • Yellow Jade Heart: MM10.
  • The Nightmare Closet: MM3 (at Archbridge).
  • Dale of the Dead: MM8 (northwest of Kassantia).
  • Like Clockwork: TM13 (south of Far Cirque).
  • The Crawling Tower: MM3 (north of High Cross).
  • Fortune's Folly: MM11.
  • The Snare of the Shadow Sylphs: TM13 (in the Mirdar Forest).
  • Scourge of the Wasp Lord: MM4 (in the Ferahn Forest).
  • The Ruby of Rak'shaz: MM14.
  • Vale of the Indus: MM15.

Developer: Harley Stroh
Writers: Eric Artis, B. Matthew Conklin III, Ken Hart, Ruth Lampi, Phillip Larwood, Jeff LaSala, Brendan LaSalle, Jason Little, Mike Ferguson, Stephen S. Greer, Greg Oppedisano, Artem V. Serebrennikov, Jeremy Simmons, Justin Sipla, Jessica Van Oort
Cover Artist: William McAusland
Back Cover Artist: Eugene Jaworski

GMG5047, 256 pages, $34.99

Table of Contents and Preview of Adventures

Adventure Title Author Summary
Madness at the Mutilated Oak Ken Hart An unearthly shriek has been heard coming from the huge oak to the east. An evil elven druid is torturing the tree and its protective dryad in her desire to possess the "fey treasure" that she believes lies within the oak. Can the heroes save the dryad and her tree?
Ghosts of the Mastodon Clan Brendan LaSalle Bandits holed up in an old cave find an ancient Neanderthal and his ghostly legacy!
Heroes' End Stephen S. Greer In this fairy tale adventure, the heroes are trapped in a demiplane called Heroes' End. To escape they must obtain a lock of hair from a maiden trapped in a nearby tower, and a magical shoe worn by a wizened dwarf harridan. But to do so, they have to face the Black Knight and feral halfling cannibals!
Tide of Evil Eric Artis The village of Sandyshore, once prosperous, is being extorted by an increasingly demanding trio of sea hags that have moved into a nearby reef. The villagers, tired of giving their prized pearls to the sea hags, are ready to hire a group of adventurers to clear them out. The sea hags, however, are expecting trouble and are ready for it...
Mistfall Mike Ferguson Located somewhere in the Amn'crith Forest is a giant tree known as the Galada Stalkhit -- the Tree of Falling Mists. This enchanted tree acts as the magical source of many small rivers and streams in the region. In recent weeks, the flow of water from these streams has slowed and then virtually stopped. With several human and elven settlements villages facing grave peril from this bleak situation, the player characters travel deep into the heart of the Amn'crith to investigate the reasons for this mysterious occurrence, and to restore the waters of the Tree of Falling Mists to the region.
Yellow Jade Heart Jeremy Simmons Careful research, luck, or the whimsy of fate brings the heroes to a barren land of cliffs and high plains. Here, secreted in ancient caves set high above the rolling grasslands, is the resting place of a relic considered holy among warriors: Jhavara's Yellow Jade Heart. Now all that stands between the heroes and the treasure is the caves themselvesÖ
Nightmare Closet Jeff LaSala The PCs are hired by a wealthy noble and former military officer named Lord Eriq Darvyn to investigate a secret door that one of his servants discovered in his own manor. Lord Eriq, his family, and all his servants have been plagued by nightmares for the last couple of weeks and his son Frederic has recently fallen into a comatose state. Lord Eriq is certain the passage beyond the secret door leads to the source of his family's affliction, but all who approach it are subject to ineffable dread. The PCs must descend into a nightmarish, spiraling dungeon and confront the source of emerging evil.
Dale of the Dead Ruth Lampi Upon reaching the Fendale town inn, it becomes clear that something has gone terribly wrong. All the citizens of the village are dead, but they still go about their daily business. Interrupting the townsfolk incurs their attacks, and these undead can't be turned or rebuked. Can the heroes uncover the mystery of Fendale?
Like Clockwork Jason Little The Gnomish ambassadors in the predominantly human city of Karesh are horrified by the alarmingly high number of gnomish deaths in the city over the last several weeks. Numerous tinkers, gadgeteers, and inventors have been found dead in their workshops. Eye witnesses tell conflicting stories on what they saw or heard, and very little evidence can be found at the crime scenes. The city council turns to the adventurers to investigate these grisly murders and stop the culprit before the gnomish community abandons Karesh, taking valuable merchant business with them!
The Crawling Tower Phillip Larwood The PCs are passing through the village of Harrowglen during the day of a large fair. As they enjoy the sights before their trek out into the wilds, they spot a tower that appears be climbing over a hilltop. Among screams of the locals, the tower continues its advance, massive spider-like legs supporting the tower as it crawls towards the village. As it nears the fair, the tower disgorges a flock of vargouilles, which shriek and dive on the villagers. It is up to the PCs to stop these vargouilles, then enter the tower and stop its diabolic master before the massive construct can continue its rampage!
Fortune's Folly Ed Gentry & Lara Gose Every town has its share of notable eccentric citizens. But for one small town, one hundred twenty years ago, none were more eccentric that a man who came to be known simply as "Fortune." Known for his uncanny luck, Fortune amassed great wealth through shrewd trade and what some called an unnatural nose for the next great deal. Before his death, Fortune built himself an expansive tomb, making it widely known that the key to his fortune would be found by any bold enough to attempt to breach the tomb. 
Snare of the Shadow Sylphs Jessica Van Oort When a party of adventurers disturbs the queen of the shadow sylphs at her hunt, she is angered and traps them within a shifting maze of dark brambles and illusions. The party must battle foes both illusory and real, solve a cryptic moon phase puzzle, and survive deadly and confusing traps in order to escape the maze. The queen, however, will not let the party leave her domain so easily. She is a powerful sorceress with mind-influencing magic, and the adventurers must discover how to destroy the queen's crown, the source of her power, in order to defeat her and escape her snare.
Scourge of the Wasp Lord Justin Sipla Giant wasps are blighting the crossroads town of Abingwain, dismantling the frames of the dwellings and making off with the building materials. Locals report that domesticated animals and even townsfolk have been abducted by the vermin. Worst of all, the sacred Sickle of Denithae has been taken from the local temple. The PCs must investigate the wasp hive, recover the relic, and put an end to the infestation. They soon discover that the underground lair is occupied by an evil druid bent on the destruction of all civilization. 
The Ruby of Rak'shaz Artem Serebrennikov The ancient sorcerer Rak'shaz embedded his spirit into a magnificent ruby, intending to possess whoever wore the stone and continue his ambitious pursuits.  When they crypt holding this gem was reopened, word traveled quickly of the treasure that lay within.  The adventurers may only be seeking treasure in this fiery tomb, but -- unbeknownst to them -- the ruby is seeking a new owner though which it shall continue its ambitious plans!
Vale of the Indus Matt Conklin & Greg Oppedisano The bardic poet Kavi, fearful of reports that the initiate Baldev and his followers have been corrupted by the taint of evil, has arranged to have the heroes undertake a mission of critical importance. First they must travel the Path of the Divine to determine if indeed the Valley of Indus has been corrupted. Each of the four shrines of the Path of the Divine has been tainted by the greater evil of the Temple of Askesis. Defeating each challenge on the path leads to greater understanding of what has happened at the temple while providing the characters with blessings critical to their success. Upon their arrival the adventures must purge the Temple of Askesis of the evil minions of Initiate Baldev!