Dungeon Crawl Classics #10:
The Sunless Garden

An Adventure for Character Levels 6-8

Remember the good old days, when adventures were underground, NPCs were there to be killed, and the finale of every dungeon was the dragon on the 20th level? Those days are back. Dungeon Crawl Classics don't waste your time with long-winded speeches, weird campaign settings, or NPCs who aren't meant to be killed. Each adventure is 100% good, solid dungeon crawl, with the monsters you know, the traps you fear, and the secret doors you know are there somewhere.

After arriving at a seemingly abandoned trading post, the heroes discover to their horror that all the inhabitants have been transformed into black trees! Upon further investigation, they find clues that lead them to the hidden lair of Nockmort, a treant gone bad. Nockmort has been transformed by the strange radiation of a meteorite he discovered, and now he is a terrible force of evil. The characters must enter his sunless garden to save the town. And along the way they just might discover fabulous treasure...


  • A unique dungeon dive that pits the characters against a deranged treant and his bizarre mutant allies
  • 53 keyed encounter areas covering a wide range of encounters
  • An "easter egg" built into the adventure... if you figure it out, tell us!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Áereth Map Grid: MM3.

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Writer: Brendan LaSalle
Front Cover Artist: Erol Otus
Back Cover Artist: William McAusland
Interior Artists: Jason Edwards, William McAusland, Brad McDevitt
Cartographer: Jeremy Simmons

GMG5009, 32 pages, $10.99.

The evil treant Nockmort mixes a foul brew...

Ambush in the sunless garden!

Something about this tavern just ain't right.

That evil treant sure has some ugly friends!

Yup, they're ugly all right!