Adventures - Fourth Edition

Adventure Paths

Our adventures are stand-alone, but can be combined in different ways to create exciting adventure paths! Check back regularly as we update the list of adventure paths you can create with our modules.

Levels Number and Title Themes and Challenges
1 In Search of Adventure Six level 1 adventures
1 M1: Dragora's Dungeon Cross swords and spells with the corrupt servitors of ancient Sorcerer Kings! 
1 #53: Sellswords of Punjar Deep within the heart of the Punjar slums, something wicked stirs...
1 #54: Forges of the Mountain King Captive to an ancient curse, defended by an army of wicked dwarves, the Forges of the Mountain King burn with a hatred older than time. 
1 #55: Isle of the Sea Drake Serpentine-death stalks the oceans, luring the brave and the foolish to their doom in the Isle of the Sea Drake. 
#59: Mists of Madness Hidden by foul mists, and mad cultists, a dread arch-lich threatens to awaken once more. 
#63: The Warbringer’s Son The bloodiest tournament on record
From Here to There: The Hunting Party An encounter with a large group of goblins leads to something other than combat…
From Here to There: Flying High The heroes must assist hippogriffs whose eggs are in danger of being stolen!
4 #56: Scions of Punjar When greed is stronger than blood, and nobles cast their lots with the wicked and befouled,  who can you trust?
4 #57: Wyvern Mountain Tales of an ancient dragon ring the Ul Dominor peaks. Are you courageous enough to find the truth behind the legends?
4 #58: The Forgotten Portal Far across the western sea, stands a fabled city of gold, home to a relic   beyond compare: the Forgotten Portal. 
M2: Curse of the Kingspire A forgotten citadel of eladrin lords, cast out of time and place by the fell Curse of the Kingspire. 
From Here to There: The Crossing A bridge must be crossed…but this is no ordinary bridge…
WFF #4: A Fistful of Zinjas A castle composed of darkness and shadow stuff has materialized at the edge of the duchy of Arnatha!
#64: Codex of the Damned A ruined church, an evil tome, and demonic foes!
From Here to There: The Hanging Tree After escaping from the undead raised by a hanging tree, the players reach Tarrow and discover why the spirits of the tree are restless by talking to the locals.
From Here to There: Mystery at the Wandering Wineskin Inn Awakening in their room at the inn, the PCs discover that one of their comrades is missing!
From Here to There: When Madness Seeps Through A forgotten temple occupied by the remnants of cultists
From Here to There: The Toll Station The PCs must defeat a nightmare demon to rescue imprisoned guardsmen
#66: The Vampire’s Vengeance The Vampire's Vengeance is a story in four parts as a simple treasure-hunt uncovers evidence of a vampire’s scheme.
#60: Thrones of Punjar Like fell puppet masters, fiendish foes plot from behind the Thrones of Punjar.
Level Up #1: Rift of the Hill Giant Thane A volcanic rift, lost in time, where behemoths stalk forgotten caverns, and where dread foes lie in wait.
DCC #61: Citadel of the Corruptor A foul disease has taken the citadel, leaving only madness and death in its wake – are you next?
The Adventure of Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer An epic adventure of dark fantasy, magic, and horror
#65: Caves of the Crawling Lord Investigate the catacombs of a forgotten tiefling kingdom to end a strange curse!
DCC #62: Shrine of the Fallen Lama Evil monks!
Level Up #2: Shadows of the Deep A newly risen island, horrid creatures of the deep, and Cyclopean ruins!
From Here to There: The Quick and the Dead Fey ambushers steal the PCs’ valuables and run!
From Here to There: The Deadly Blue Yonder The PCs must defend themselves from aerial attack!
Level Up #3: Last Call at the Blind Tyrant This fortified roadhouse has some evil denizens…