#3: Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper

A Level 3 Adventure

Your adventures are already exciting... characters explore dungeons, crush monsters, and score loot. But maybe you want your adventures to be more. Maybe you want adventures that are things of legend. Maybe you want adventures that are wicked sick. Thatís what Wicked Fantasy Factory gives you: axes hacking, spells exploding, and blood spewing.

Donít just crawl through dungeons ó make them sorry they ever met you!

In Throwdown with the Arm-Ripper, the heroes lend a hand to Prince Roberre. The prince is missing an arm, and he hires the heroes to help him regain it. They journey to a magic altar rumored to repair things that are broken. Soon they are face-to-face with the Arm-Ripper himself Ė a hulking brute who takes pleasure in plucking the limbs off things smaller than him. But if the heroes succeed, they learn that the Arm-Ripper himself was the least of their dangers!

Rules Set: d20 v3.5.

Writer: Luke Johnson
Art: Nick Greenwood
Graphic Design: Alvin Helms

GMG4703, 32 pages, color interior covers, $10.99