Crime Pays

A Godfather’s Grimoire

Crime Pays: A Godfather's Grimoire includes everything a player or DM needs to bring the grim and gritty underworld into stark focus in a fantasy world. Forget thieves’ guilds – this is the mafia in a world of dragons and magic! Form your own band of rogues, make a bid for master of thieves, and win a king's ransom in jewels… 
…but above all, don't get caught.
This 4E sourcebook includes:

  • All the rules you need to occupy a neighborhood, recruit mobsters, hire made men, and start running your own rackets – whether you’re fleecing elves or dragonborn.
  • A new stat block system for tracking the stats of your own mob: respect, infamy, defense, upkeep, and territory.
  • Pre-statted NPCs to occupy your underworld setting, ranging from fantastic criminals to extraordinary made men.
  • Ideas for underworld events and corresponding actions of the law to help fuel the plotline in your campaign.
  • In short, this book includes everything you need to run your own mafia-themed campaign – in a fantasy world!
Rules Set: 4E (GSL).


  • Crime Templates and Mob Sheets: Download easy-to-reuse PDF files for the Crime Templates and Mob Sheets here!
  • Preview of the Introduction Chapter: Learn more about the world of Crime Pays in this 7-page PDF preview of the Introduction chapter. The work of a crimeboss isn’t just for rogues. Godfathers hail from every walk of life — the one thing that unites them is the will to make their own way in life, and their disregard for authority.
  • Preview of Chapter Three, The Mob Turn: Crime Pays includes a complete subsystem for running thief-oriented adventures. In PDF preview, you can check out the mechanics of the mob turn, where your characters can interact with the law, the underworld, and many other adventure hooks.
  • Neighborhood Templates: Plan your crime campaign now with these full-color versions of the neighborhood maps from Crime Pays. Download now!
  • Living Dice: “This is a must-have product for anyone who wants to run a unique 4E game or anyone who is interesting in implementing a fantasy mafia (for any setting).”
  • EN World: “Crime Pays is a stunning piece of work, and I was thoroughly blown-away with the level of detail that the author put into this supplement. I’ve run several urban based campaigns, including a couple “evil” ones over the course of my years of play, but I’ve never come across a set of rules which simulate a criminal underworld as neatly as these. The rules are designed to work in the background of a campaign, and mesh very well with D&D 4E, allowing player-characters to take on a role of crime bosses and really play the role to the hilt. And given the sheer volume and high quality of this original content, the price for paperback book is a great value – and the PDF is a real steal – which proves that crime does pay!”
  • RPG Now Fan Review: “Crime Pays sets up a vibrant structure for running a criminal organization, with a lot of player input while keeping the mechanics relatively simple.”
  • Stargazers World: “At the end of the book, the author was nice enough to provide an entire dictionary (almost 4 pages long) entailing all the special, unique dialect which is specific to thieves and rogues. This section of the book is simply fantastic. It offers the potential to add SO MUCH flavor to the actual roleplaying experience around the table. I will have a copy of this appendix in my DM’s binder and it will be at every single game I ever play in, forever! Awesome.”

Writer: Harley Stroh
Cover Artist: David Griffith
Interior Artist: Brad McDevitt
Graphic Designer: Jim Pinto

GMG4455, 96 pages, $21.99

Build your godfather’s court…

Start your crime spree…

Threaten the king…

Rescue your comrades…

Steal a king’s ransom…

But above all, don’t get caught!